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Sunday, March 03, 2013 Ashish, Community Member, asks

Q: I am having sore throat and feel like something is there in right side of throat

I am having sore throat and feel like something is there in the right side of my throat from more than a month, right ear also pain sometimes. I showed it to the 4 different ENT doctors, they did endoscopy and once mri also, those are normal. I took some antibiotics also advised by doctor, did gargles, I did blood test also in that B12 level is 117 rest all normal. I took one B12 injection and taking nervijon tablets daily one from last one week for B12 but problem is still there. Please advise what to do.

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robichris, Community Member
3/ 3/13 2:35am

Hi Ashish,


What you describe is known as Globus Pharyngeus.

It is frequently caused by GERD and refluxate hitting the throat.

You may find a PPI (eg omeprazole (Prilosec)) helps if so as it would reduce the acid that causes the irritation. Also the standard lifestyle advice for reflux:  lose weight if necessary, avoid tight clothing, eat smaller portions more frequently, avoid bending or exercise that cramps the stomach after eating.


Learn more about the condition here:


Hope it helps,



Ashish, Community Member
3/ 3/13 3:00am

Hi Chris,


Many thanks for reply!


I have heard that reflex cause heart burn, but I dont have so. How mauch time it may take to recover? It feel like one specific point in the throat ( right side near tonsil) has some problem and I get pain at that specific point only and simultaniously ear also pains.


My weight is more 91 kg height is 5 feet 10 inches age 29 years.


Also please advice if gargle with salt water will help?


What is omeprazole (Prilosec), is that a medicine. muumuch douse I should take for how long?


Thanks a lot


robichris, Community Member
3/ 3/13 3:12am

Not everyone with reflux gets heartburn. (It's called silent reflux.)


The feeling of a lump can be anywhere in the throat. The pain may be refered through the bone to other organs (e.g. ear).


Your BMI is around 29, you could do with losing a few pounds.


I don't think gargling with salt water will help, but try and see.


Omeprazole is a Proton Pump Inhibitor that reduces the amount of acid the stomach produces so that reflux won't be so damaging. It is available over the counter at pharmacies and the cheapest generic version (supermarket own brand) is as good as the branded version (Prilosec in US, Losec in UK). Standard dose is 20mg per day and it would take a few days to start having an effect. Using it for a few weeks wouldn't do any harm. (There are those who have acid problems who take double this for years.)


Hope it helps



Ashish, Community Member
3/ 3/13 3:16am

Thanks a lot Chris! I'll buy Omeprazole, hope I will find this in Singapore ( where I stay)

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