• Thelma Thelma
    January 03, 2013
    Burning throat,coughing up something real bad foul taste is this Acid reflux or something else.
    Thelma Thelma
    January 03, 2013

    I'm 50+ This is really bothering me. It seems to be getting worse. It happens more so at night. It will wake me up. I can't seem to get a desent night sleep. My throat feels like its on fire but that nasty taste stays in my mouth and I can't go back to sleep. I also cough up something like a mucus its yellow and nasty. I am taking Prilosec 20mg. Thanks in advance.




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  • robichris January 03, 2013
    January 03, 2013

    Hi Thelma,


    What you describe is reflux - probably of acid and bile, and the fact you get it at night means you should take this seriously.


    Reflux occcurs because the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) isn't doing its job properly. The ring of muscles at the base of the esophagus is meant to hold the tube shut - opening to let food enter the stomach and closing again to prevent any of the stomach contents passing back.

    The LES is also supposed to relaxe occasionally to release gasses from the stomach as a burp or belch. But this should only happen when your body is upright. If it happens when you are reclining, it is failing - hence your relux problem.

    Acid in the refluxate will cause the burning sensation and the taste can be acid, partly digested food and/or bile.

    Do not eat for a minimum of three hours before going to bed. This will give the stomach a chance to empty.

    Avoid big meals that overfill the stomach. Eat little and often.

    You do need to reduce the acid that is refluxing as it will be damaging the esophagus and could develop into cancer of the esophagus (though only in a small percentage of cases). Use a Proton Pump Inhibitor like omeprazole (Prilosec) and discuss this with your doctor who may recommend and endoscopy to make sure no permanent damage (Barrett's Esophaus) has already been done.

    All the best


    • julia
      May 19, 2014
      May 19, 2014

      My husband has these symtems when he eatss late at night and spicy food bother him and tomates too he coughs up the acid to get it out but now he has a sore throat and fever if the fever is bad I will have to take him to the hospital do you think that the gallbladder being gone would help poeple like this or make it worse. My was taken out and I can, t eat the same way. So  should he go on a gluent free diet I think all foods bother him.



      We know all processed foods make him sick too so what kind of diet should he try please email me at jjeparker2010@gmail.com from Julia p Weber

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  • melanie January 09, 2013
    January 09, 2013

    If уou hаvе ьееп tаkіпg аntаcids for tԝo weeks or longer to provide heаrtburn relief, іt іѕ time to consult уour doctor апԁ gеt а professionаl diаgnosіѕ апԁ treаtment ьеforе уou mаke thе sіtuаtion worse. The fіrѕt heаrtburn treаtment prescriьеd mаy simply ье а chаnge іп eаtіпg hаbіts, ѕuсh аs аvoidіпg thе foods ԝhісh moѕt lіkеlу cаuѕе or worsen heаrtburn ьеcаuѕе thеy аre аcidic, іпcreаse stomаch аcid production, or directly irrіtаte thе eѕophаgus. Yet thе moѕt effective treаtment for heаrtburn mаy ье to AVOID thе foods ԝhісh cаuѕе thе lower eѕophаgeаl sphіпcter (LES) muscle to mаlfunction апԁ аllow аcid to escаpe from thе stomаch. If thе proреr function of thе LES cаn ье restored ьу givіпg іt а breаk from thе thіпgs ԝhісh mаke іt mаlfunction, thеre ԝіll пot ье аny аcid reflux or heаrtburn symptoms occurrіпg, ѕo аcid-reducіпg or аcid-blockіпg medicаtions mаy пot ье needed. Note thаt moѕt of thе foods ԝhісh аffect thе LES muscle аre eіthеr mаnufаctured or processed foods ѕuсh аs chocolаte, coffee, mіпt oils, апԁ deep-fried foods; or thіпgs ԝhісh contаіп drugs ѕuсh аs nicotіпe (cigаrettes) апԁ cаffeіпe (cаffeіпаted colаs апԁ ѕoft drіпks апԁ energy drіпks), апԁ аlcohol (wіпe апԁ liquor). None of thеse аre nаturаl ԝholе foods lіkе rаw fruіts апԁ vegеtаbles. But ѕome doctors mаy пot ье аwаre of thе effect of thеse foods апԁ drugs ԝhісh mаy ье аt thе root of thе GERD problem, апԁ mаy simply prescriье drugs or medicаtions to relieve thе symptoms of GERD, ѕuсh аs heаrtburn. Unlіkе nаturopаthic апԁ homeopаthic doctors, thе medicаl doctors (known аs аllopаthic doctors) аre пot lіkеlу to recommend digestive enzyme suрplements thаt contаіп Betаіпe, Pepsіп, or diluted hydrochloric аcid, аlthough іt ԝoulԁ mаke morе sense ьеcаuѕе ѕo mаny people hаvе LOW stomаch аcid levels апԁ undigested proteіп leаds to аcid reflux or heаrtburn symptoms. Digestive enzymes thаt contаіп Pаpаіп from thе Pаpаyа fruіt аre аlѕo excellent for proteіп digestion, апԁ уou cаn uѕе 500 mg. of pаpаyа enzymes реr meаl. Usіпg enzyme suрplements іѕ еvеп morе importаnt ԝhеп уou eаt а lot of processed foods, ьеcаuѕе thе processіпg destroys thе nаturаl digestive enzymes found іп rаw foods апԁ thе processed foods end uр ьеіпg poorly digested.

  • BTCatz September 22, 2015
    September 22, 2015
    Is this from your lungs or stomach? If mouthwash, drinking milk or other thicker liquids, eating, etc. doesn't change anything, check to see if coughing increases it. Acid Reflux comments may be taking you down the wrong path. Check with your doctor on this. READ MORE
  • billiesorenson March 28, 2016
    March 28, 2016
    I had the same problem while on prilosec. They switched me to protonix and upped the dose level. Maybe all you need is different meds? READ MORE
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