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Thursday, April 16, 2009 Kari, Community Member, asks

Q: My 10 year old son has sudden onset GERD since Christmas. Medicines not working! How did this start?

 I cannot find any info about an sudden case of GERD in children.  He is CONSTANTLY regurgitating his food and swallowing it down, though he seems to sleep fine.  Happens when he eats anything, but especially worse with acidic, mildly spicy and chocolate. My sister, mom and uncle have ulcerative colitis and I am have the anitnuclear antibody. He has been on zantac, prevacid (3months to current) and reglin.  Nothing works.  This summer the doctor (pediatric gastroenterologist at Denver's Children's) wants to do a endoscopy and ph test.  Two more months of my son doing this.  Do you have any information? Why did this suddenly start? Please help!

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Jan Gambino, Health Guide
4/17/09 5:52am

Hello Kari,

My daughter, age 17 was diagnosed with GERD at age 10 years too. It just came out of nowhere. She had some reflux/allergies as a baby and then seemed better. At age 10, she started losing weight and all of the food she previously liked tasted bad. My understanding is adults have the same experience with reflux. Year after year, everything is fine and then all of a sudden, you start having heartburn.

I have written some blogs about my teens with GERD so be sure to search this site for more information. I like the doctors plan of doing an endo and probe this summer if things have not improved.

My kids are very careful eaters and have found lactose to be a related digestive issue. They also found that taking probiotics calmed the reflux and lactose intolerance quite a bit. While probiotics are not a "treatment" for GERD, I think the probiotics helped with the gas and discomfort.

Maybe you would want to start a Sharepost and see if we can gather some other children and teens with reflux? I have talked to several teens recently here and there seems to be a need to connect.

Jan Gambino

The Reflux Mom

Nikki, Community Member
2/10/10 10:44pm

I see you wrote almost a year ago... any answers?  My 3 year old and my 6 year old sons just recently developed sudden onset GERD!!!  Both of them are regurgitating and swallowing it .  It seems very strange that it started with both of them at around the same time.  My daughter is fine.  They have been on Prevacid with no relief & are awaiting their appointments with the GI specialist.  I think there has to be a CAUSE also!  It can't just start out of the blue for 2 of my children out of the blue without some reason.  I would much rather discover that reason than just treat them with medicine for the rest of their life.  Plus my 6 year old is getting made fun of at school because his breath smells like vomit.  I feel sorry for them!  

kime, Community Member
7/ 2/10 5:27pm

Hi there.  I have an 8 year old who developed the same condition (daily regurgitation/swallowing it back down) following a trip overseas.   He has been treated for parastites and h pylori.  We are about to do a follow up test to see if they have been treated or if they are still there contributing to the problem. We have been dealing with this for 8 months. I too feel that something has caused this.  We are about to go the route of endo as well.  Did any of you get any answers to your childrens situation?

Jan Gambino, Health Guide
7/ 4/10 10:36am


I just wrote about bacterial/yeast overgrowth:

Maybe something else to ask the doctor about?


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