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Tuesday, November 03, 2009 Bottoni, Community Member, asks

Q: What happens when acid reflux comes back after surgery 6 months ago?

I had surgery to cure my acid reflux that i've been suffering from for 10 plus years. It's only been 6 months and the reflux came back again! Why would this happen? What other options would they take to fix this? Will i need another surgery?

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Stephanie, Health Guide
11/ 3/09 8:35pm


I know that I have heard of people having reflux issues after having nissan fundoplication which is the surgery I assume you are referring to. I did a little digging and reading about it and found the above link that talks about the pros and cons of the procedure and the frequency with which people have issues afterwards. It was higher than I expected.


As you are having symtpoms again, you should talk to your doc about your symptoms and come up with a plan. This may include checking to see if the procedure has slipped or needing medicine again.


Good Luck - Stephanie

Janice, Community Member
11/ 3/09 8:15pm

I had my gallbladder out in 2003 and got some relief but all symptoms are now back with a vengeance and can't blame the gallbladder. Very frustrating. I hope you find a solution.Janice

Lindasuebob, Community Member
10/ 6/10 11:54pm

I had nissan fundoplication July 2009 which failed and another March 2010 which again failed and scheduled for an open fundoplication October 14 2009 so they can and do fail. This time will be with a patch with longer hospital stay and longer recovery. Hopefully this is the final surgery to correct my reflux.

mmtillman, Community Member
10/11/10 8:20am

What sort of surgery can they do for A.R. ?  I was not aware of anything...atleast my dr has not mentioned it as yet. If he were to suggest it, would I be foolish to endure it, if there is not a 100% cure rate??  Sorry you are still having trouble...I can imagine how frustated you must awful !  Does you Dr say why this happened?   Good luck and keep us posted, ok? 

          Mary Ann T.

Lindasuebob, Community Member
10/11/10 2:28pm

Hi, the surgeon said it is just one of those things that happens, it does come undone altho he has never had a patient had this surgery three times, has a few that had it twice but never three so third time is a charm I say. My reflux now is worse than it was the very first time. The pictures from the EGD are horrible to look at with the hernia as well. I am taking nexium which is the best pill I have had so far, others did not work as well for me. I am 59 and not overweight and in good health except for this. I am so afraid of the pain and recovery for this one with the large incision, the other two were the five small incisions. He will pull the stomach back down again I assume, the first time my whole stomach was up, not just a part, it was a different kind of hernia, can't remember the name, well hopefully it goes well. Two more days, yikes.

Jan Gambino, Health Guide
10/12/10 6:25am


Good luck with your surgery. A large hernia can cause significant pain and discomfort. The symptoms of GERD and a hernia are similar so it may be difficult to inpoint the cause of the pain at this point.


There is a long recovery with any abdominal surgery. Since you are in good health and otherwise healthy, I am sure you will be up and about soon. Be sure to talk to the surgeon and medical team after the surgery about pain management. When my daughter had her lap fundo, the post surgery pain was intense for a few days. Make sure you have a plan for managing the pain at home too.


Take care and let us know how you are doing. Jan



Suzanne, Community Member
4/13/11 12:53am

Your post was a few months did operation number 3 go? I had the laproscopic hiatal hernia repair when I had my anti reflux surgery last July 2010. My symptoms have also returned. I am devasted. My symptoms are also more severe. I've gone back on meds and plan on calling my surgeon to see what the next steps are. I don't want to be on PPI for the rest of my life. Please let me know how you are doing and what you went through.


Take care,



Lindasuebob, Community Member
4/13/11 1:25am

Hi Suzanne, well for the most part it went okay. the incision was 8 inches and I was in eight days. Horrible as I had tea jello and broth all three meals and I hate all three of those. then home for a 6 week recovery really as I could do nothing I was in such pain from it and hard to move, wore elastic waist pants and ate a horrible menu for the six weeks, soft food, then medium food then normal very gradually. Lost 15 pounds but gained it all back again.The heartburn returned three weeks ago, not as bad but it is gradually increasing. So I take my leftover omeprazole and wonder what the heck to do now. I have a physical coming up shortly and will ask my Dr what I should do, See the surgeon or just take the ppi the rest of my life. I sure don't want to be on them for life or want any more of those awful tests , I had the barium swallows, the unit where the camera is in your throat, lots of tests can't remember others, one when you are asleep etc, have had them all. My address is grammielinda18 and then the at yahoo and then .com. I think if I put in my address they will take it out. Take care, hope you gets yours taken care of. Linda

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