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Q: does taking nexium and carafate work ok together/what about levothyroxin also??

I've had alot going on lately.  Have found I have ulcer along with caffiene tearing up my esophagus. I'm taking nexium and carafate and wondered how they mix and what does levothyroxin come into play? Thanks  Also my niece has barretts esopagus.

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Stephanie, Health Guide
12/ 8/09 10:12pm

Many people take Nexium and carafate but you will need to ask your doctor about what the best timing for this is. I know my Mom tries to separate the two. You also need to try to pay close attention to the empy and full stomach recommendations. The Levothyroxine does specifically say to take it on an empty stomach and that carafate lowers the activity of it. So, since you don't want to lower the activity of your thyroid medication you will need to discuss timing with your doctor and/or pharmacist.


Best of Luck - Stephanie

Linda, Community Member
12/10/09 3:38pm

I take protonix and carafate....my doctor told me to take both, but not together....so I take protoniz first thing in the morning a couple hours later the carafate and then and hour before dinner I take carafate again.....take protonix again about 2 hours before bed and then carafate right before I go to bed......I can't manage to work the carafate in before lunch due to timing......honestly for me carafate doesn't seem to help much, but I am going to keep doing it for a few months to see how it goes.


Stephanie, Health Guide
12/10/09 9:57pm

Did the doctor give you a plan for working in the levothyroxin? That is the one I worry about the most with how the carafate can keep you from being able to absorb it.


I know my Mom sees carafate more as a very strong Tums like medicine as it coats her stomach. When days are bad she uses it and it helps but on it's own it's not enough.



saundra, Community Member
4/ 1/10 8:17am

I am a pro in this area. Carafate is amzing if used properly. For erosions or irritaion of esophagus you must take three times daily one hour before meal. No excuse not to eat.....even just a banana, yoghurt or rice crackers. generally you wouldl take the Carafate until the erosions/ulcers heal (approx 8 weeks) Your PPI's should be taken REGULARLY before evening meal, not in the AM, since most people experience the effects of acid reflux at 2  or 3 in the morning when laying flat down.....gee imagine that! My GI specialist told me this, something to do with the half life of the medicine.


**Carafate Tablets and Suspension are used for the short-term treatment (up to 8 weeks) of an active duodenal ulcer; Carafate Tablets are also used for longer-term therapy at a reduced dosage after a duodenal ulcer has healed.

Carafate helps ulcers heal by forming a protective coating over them.

Some doctors also prescribe Carafate for ulcers in the mouth and esophagus that develop during cancer therapy, for digestive tract irritation caused by drugs, for long-term treatment of stomach ulcers, and to relieve pain following tonsil removal.

Most important fact about Carafate


A duodenal ulcer is a recurring illness. While Carafate can cure an acute ulcer, it cannot prevent other ulcers from developing or lessen their severity.

How should you take Carafate?


Carafate works best when taken on an empty stomach. If you take an antacid to relieve pain, avoid doing it within one-half hour before or after you take Carafate. Always take Carafate exactly as prescribed.

  • If you miss a dose...
    Take it as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the one you missed and go back to your regular schedule. Never take 2 doses at the same time.
  • Storage instructions...
    Store at room temperature. Protect the suspension from freezing.

What side effects may occur?


Side effects cannot be anticipated. If any develop or change in intensity, inform your doctor as soon as possible. Only your doctor can determine if it is safe for you to continue taking Carafate.

  • Side effects may include:

cats, Community Member
6/ 7/10 11:05am

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