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Thursday, January 22, 2009 peggy, Community Member, asks

Q: woke up could not breathe and realized i had vomited while sleeping on stomach.

last night i awoke not being able to breathe, i was sleeping on my stomach and sat up gasping for air. when i sat up i inhaled vomit. i could not get the vomit out of my nose or mouth to get a breathe of air. i never woke up while vomiting, i did not feel sick or nauseated. i was very scared and honestly i felt i was near death not being able to breathe. what happened??????????

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Howard, Community Member
3/ 5/09 3:56am

The same thing just happened to me. My throat, ear canals. lungs are all burning.


The only advice my gastroenterologist gave me was to tell me to elevate the head of my bed and that using pillows to elevate would not help.


She also put me on nexium twice a day but the relux regurgitation still happens and now it's 4am and I have to be up for work at 6 and I can't get back to sleep because of the burning and choking.

GERD/Refluxer?, Community Member
4/25/12 1:32pm

I just experienced the same thing... two nights ago I woke up because I couldn't breathe. I was choking on the vomit in the mouth and throat. It felt like my esophageal sphincter wouldn't close. I swallowed (gross I know...) to clear my airway and coughed a lot gasping for air.

I thought I was going to start vomiting so I went to the restroom. I hate throwing up so I kept swallowing. My throat was burning like crazy. Everytime I coughed acids would spew into my throat. My sinuses really became active as well.

I would much rather have diarrhea than to vomit but when I tried to get things to reverse my stomach just wanted to push things out of my mouth.

My PCP says for me to take Zantac, watch my portions at mealtime, sleep with my head elevated and check out did not find this site helpful).

He said I have reflux but I dont know why my food was still in my stomach after 9hrs... It should have been in my intestines by this time.


GERD/Refluxer?, Community Member
4/25/12 1:35pm

p.s. I found chewing gum helped settle my stomach... Made my stomach think more food was coming and it began to digest and move the food along. My throat is still sore from the acidity but gradually getting betterSmile

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