• shawn12345 May 16, 2010
    May 16, 2010

    No, Acid Reflux wont cause the fever directly. But yes, it can be related to the fever. In other words, a fever can occur. You hyperventilate or 'trip out'. Or usually your Reflux is caused by some type of stress which leads to anxiety. Anxiety will cause a fever. It depends on how bad you are taking your sickness. The more control that you give it, it will take. If your fever is outright crazy, go to the hospital, everybody knows that. Did you recently quit smoking or have a traumatic event happen in your life? That can erupt your acid reflux, and also cause headaches, fevers, hot and cold chills and all kinds of weird side effects. Truthfully, nobody knows the facts. The facts are still in the hands of the professionals, or actually not even the hands, nome of this stuff is totally figured out. If you got a really high fever, your probably trippin yourseld out and need some counseling, you should be able to get that at your local hospital, immediately at the ER. Reflux can really trip a person out and mess with them very bad emotionally and physically. Just keep your gripts of reality and you'll get better, I promise.

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