• Phil Brooks Phil Brooks
    February 05, 2009
    taking 40mg of Prilosec EVERY day
    Phil Brooks Phil Brooks
    February 05, 2009
    At age 77 I have had no GERD symptoms since taking 20mg of Prilosec EVERY day for the last 5 years, but a recent endoscopy showed some grade one damage remaining to my esophagus although a bit less than the study of 5 years ago. The doctor wants to do another endoscopy on 6 months and for me to double the dosage and take 40mg of Prilosec every day . After one week on this regamin I experience only slight intermittant pain and/or bloating in the abdomen, but I question if that high a dosage is safe. READ MORE


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  • hope springs April 07, 2009
    hope springs
    April 07, 2009

    I think the question is, is taking this necessary,you have no choice right now, it's not meant to be long term in my opinion, no,not at all, I've been taking Losac for years and it doesn't do your digestive system any favours from all I've read about it, unless you're changing you're lifestyle or find more organic/alternative methods, your kind of stuck with it, your body stops absorbing needed vitamins as the stomach can't break down a lot of what we eat, if I had a choice which I don't as I have Barretts I would do whatever I could to wean myself off, no easy task, just my two cents, diet is everything with this disease but not a cure all

  • John November 09, 2011
    November 09, 2011

    I am on 20mg of  omeprazole daily. I have been told that 20mg is a weak dose. They make a 10mg, but that is for a child. I understand your concerns. I also had the same concerns about taking omeprazole daily, forever. But the risks of esophageal cancer caused by the GERD versus the side effects of omeprazole is a no brainer for me. I had a brother-in-law who died from GERD, and have 2 friends who have had their esophagus removed due to GERD.


    I am more concerned with what vitamins and minerals my body is unable to absorb correctly while taking omeprazole, since it is a protein-pump inhibitor, it reduces the amount of acid made in the stomach. Certain vitamins and minerals are affected by this. The body's absorption of vitamin B-12 requires adequate levels of gastic acid. I am also concerned with the possibility of bone and joint issues while on omeprazole, so I take vitamin D3 daily, since vitamin D is necessary for the body to absorb calcium. I take a B-6/Folic acid/B-12 supplement every few days, and I also take a Chapter One Organic Every Man's Daily multivitamin daily. The B-6/Folic Acid/B-12 is a very small cherry flavored tablet that is dissolved under the tongue, which is absorbed into the body better than relying on my stomach/intestinal route. The combination of these three  compliment each other. I would take these vitamin supplements at night before bed, if you take your omeprazole in the morning, or vice versa.


    I get my B-6/folic acid/B-12 at Trader Joe's, and you can get Chapter One vitamin's on e-bay for about $29 for a bottle of 72 with free shipping.


    I would ask your doctor about these before taking them.


    Hopefully you find this information helpful. A little bit late, huh? (2 1/2 years later). 







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