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Saturday, December 24, 2011 lukem, Community Member, asks

Q: Antibiotic (cefdinir) and Musinex D reducing effects of antacid (omeprazol)

While taking cefdinir could it cause my omeprazol to become less effective? I take 600mg of cefdinir at night before I go to bed and then I take 40mg of the omeprazol in the am when I wake up and I am having some heartburn/gerd symptoms. Is it possible the two could be fighting eachother? I also have been taking Musinex D twice per day as well.
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Stephanie, Health Guide
12/26/11 10:17pm

Very often antibiotics such as cefdinir cause stomach upset with or without reflux symptoms. You may want to ask your doctor about over the counter pro-biotics. Because anti-biotics kill off bacteria they also kill off the good bacteria that our GI system uses as part of our digestion. Eating yogurt and taking pro-biotics can help restore balance to this system.


Additionally, a cold itself can cause a reflux flare. Mucous, eating differently (open mouth because we can't breathe thus sucking in more air), etc. can create more problems.


I hope you feel better soon!



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