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Thursday, July 24, 2008 Mike0129, Community Member, asks

Q: Symptoms: Nausea, hot flash, goose bumps, sweats, nearly fainting.

 I seem to have these symptoms during what I think are episodes of acid reflux.  My chest will feel like a lump is growing in it and that is followed by a wave of nausea.  This is usually a warning about what will happen next.  I break into a sweat and then goose bump.  Sometimes the goose bumps precede the sweats.  Occasionally, but not always, burning fluids, seemingly coming from my chest area, accumulate in my throat.


During these episodes, I feel that I am near to passing out. Fortunately, this has not happened but I do feel very unsteady as the "wave" hits me.


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Amy, Community Member
1/ 3/09 11:14pm

It sounds like acid reflux to me.  I had all those symptoms today in the middle of the mall of all places.  I have not been taking my Prevacid for the past 3 days as had not picked it up at the pharmacy and I am positive that is why I had the attack today.  I was on Protonix daily for over 5 years and it just wasn't doing the job any longer; have been on Prevacid for over a year and this was the first attack I have had in a very long time. 


If you keep having the symptoms, I would suggest going to a GI doctor and having an Upper Endoscopy; that will show whether or not you have reflux disease or possibly something else such as a Hiatal Hernia. 


Good luck and hope you feel better.

Lindsey, Community Member
12/ 7/08 7:41pm

I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you, but it sounds identical to what's happening to me. I have had a sensation of a lump in my throat on and off for months. I'll be totally fine sitting at my desk at work and I get hit with a wave of nausea. I usually go to the bathroom thinking I'm going to get sick but I don't. I get very hot and have to go stand outside. It's over as quick as it started. I take prevacid solutab sometimes twice a day and I'm on an anti anxiety medicine. They don't seem to be helping I still get really sick sometimes three days a week. Just glad to here I'm not crazy this happens to someone else with reflux.



Lea, Community Member
12/17/08 12:34am
I have suffered with ulcers and acid reflux for 12 years. I have taken medications tagamet, Nexium, etc, but had stuck with tagamet for the last 7 years as you can take this drug during pregnancy and nursing (and it was cheap). Between 2004 and 2007 I had many middle of the night attacks of nausea with the sweating dizziness, and near fainting. So bad I had to lay on the floor to vomit. Not normal stuff. I reported it but everyone seemed to think it was stress or anxiety. This all changed last year when i had a middle of the night attack. I actually did faint instead of vomiting and it was very scary. I reported to my doctor and he said it must be the acid reflux and i have been taking prevacid religiously for 1 year. I have not had another episode. Reply
Ann Mac, Community Member
11/ 8/10 2:03pm

I have the same problem, had for the past 9 years.  What a relief to see I am not alone in this.  Usually happens 4 hours after I eat.  Body gets extremely hot, can't cool down, become agitated, pains in stomach, just an overwhelming sense of "something's not right", like something is stuck in my chest.   I usually pass out, it was worse in the beginning because my body would evacuate everything.  I have changed what and how I eat.  Now when I come round after passing out I find I am soaked through, extremely weak, still nauseas and bloated, it takes a couple of days to start to feel normal again.

K57, Community Member
10/15/11 9:21pm

I have had severe sweating for about 3 years now.  I start to perspire with the slightest physical exertion. Just washing the dishes brings it on. I'll be dripping wet in just 1 minute.  Sweat just comes off my brow and drips everywhere.  It burns my eyes.  My hair and clothes are always wet, soaking wet!  It is really debilitating, not too mention embarassing.  It is affecting my usual activities and stopping me from going out.

I have always been prone to nausea once or twice a week but just lately I started getting very nauseus several times a day.  When I have to keep moving (like when I am cooking or gardening) A am soaking wet and nauseated all day long.  I have also have to change several times a day and even so you will find me soaking wet most of the day.  At night these episodes come on even without exherting myself at all.  When waking up, as I do several times at night my sheets, pillow, clothes are usually drenched with sweat. It's not like usual perspiration, but as if several faucets were turned on inside me!

This is troubling me!  I don't want to be this way.  I am 57 and have always been active. 10 years ago I thought I breezed through menapause.  So except for hip and knee replacements and a finicky stomach, I have always been in good health.

Thank you everyone for sharing, it has helpe a lot. It is a relief to know that these symptoms may be caused by acid reflux and that meds may help.   I will go out and buy some Prvacid, immediately start taking it and hope for the best.  If not then your info will still help me get a better diagnosis from the VA doctor (I almost never see the same one). Thanks again and feel better soon.

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