• Constant Constant
    April 30, 2009
    I have an explosive loose bowel movements 20 minutes after eating every day.
    Constant Constant
    April 30, 2009

    I do not drink coffee or cola after this problem first started 6 months ago. Problem decreased but never fully went away. Tried to figure out if it was only happening with certain foods (which is what dr. suggested) but it seems to happen no matter what food I eat. I could eat a turkey sandwich or a healthy salad and it happens or a hamburger. Sometimes it happens and sometimes not. There is no constant. Was on naprosyn for a few years due to back pain. Dr. took me off that when this symptom started. Told I had gastritis in the past--no treatment other than being told to avoid acidic foods.



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  • Person in Ky August 06, 2009
    Person in Ky
    August 06, 2009


    I'm so broke trying to get help for your like symptoms.

    I understand you!

    I hope something positive happens fast for us both!

    If there is 2 of us there must be more.

    I was injured in summer 2006 with a broken pelvis, Inguinal hernia. I've had Doctors that have mad fun of me, got mad at me, accused me of out of charactor things and even abuse of laxitives.

    Even immodium doesn't stop it, and after some time of using it it becomes just as bad as ever. Many drugs have been used. A few I refused to consume due to habit forming, I.E. Xanax, and I have been with this since summer 2006.

    I can bearly hold a job for this condition.

    Person in Ky

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