• cmac cmac
    March 05, 2010
    Is is the spic 'tumeric' bad for indigestion and acid reflux suffers?
    cmac cmac
    March 05, 2010

    I like to use spices in cooking and would like to know which ones are positive/negative for acid reflux?



  • Stephanie
    Health Guide
    March 06, 2010
    Health Guide
    March 05, 2010

    Here's the problem. Turmeric is supposed to be stomach soothing. But, for me it is very bad and causes me severe stomach burning. So, unfortunately what it comes down to with many spices and foods is that we are all so different and the best way to determine what is harmful or helpful for you is to keep a food log. This can be tedious but can also be very helpful in determining what works for you.


    In general, though, spicy foods are considered to cause issues with reflux. This however, generally is referring to when it's spicy due to pepper based spices such as cayenne, jalapeno, etc.


    Best of Luck - Stephanie


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