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Wednesday, October 01, 2008 Gloria Jenkins, Community Member, asks

Q: Can acid reflux cause chest, arm and breast pain

can acid reflux cause chest, arm & breast pain

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John G., Community Member
10/ 2/08 9:36am

Thanks for your question. GERD has been known to cause chest pain in some people, acording to this list of common symptoms. However, chest an arm pain are often times indicators of something more serious. Check with your doctor about these symptoms as soon as possible to make sure they are not angina and heart attack. You may want to try using this symptom checker before you go to have some background information when talking with your doctor. I hope this helps.

Leonard Mardeusz, Community Member
10/10/11 10:38am

My primary  care doctor has prescribed ome omeprazalome for the acid reflux.

Also I am having a stress-echo test to see if the may be heart related.

The arm pain is most noticeable when I mow the lawn.

I had a triple bypass 20 years ago. I have a nuclear stress test every year. Those results show good results.


tabitha, Community Member
1/31/09 11:04am

i have acid reflex will it make me feel short of breath or full under the rib cage

tabitha, Community Member
1/31/09 11:08am

can acid reflex make you short of breath and chills or sweats

tabitha, Community Member
1/31/09 11:14am

i have acid reflex it makes me feel bloated i can breath just fell short of breath and some thimes it makes me have chills and hot flashes but that may be anxiety attack are these normal acid reflex syptoms

1911, Community Member
2/10/09 2:37pm

I have had chest, arm and back pain. It often moves around a little but more so chest. I went to the doctor because it seems like symptoms of a heart attack. After running a serious of test (MRI, CATSCAN, Anagram). I mean they did everything. The result came back with no heart problems. They even put me on that treadmill at top speed. So they gave me a GI cocktail to move all the acid out of my esophagus and two hours or so later the pain went away. I didn't know acid reflux could cause so must pain, but it can cause chest pain, back pain and pain down your arms.

Robert4444, Community Member
1/24/14 6:58pm

I have that same pain. Mine was so bad before I even turned grey. I get burning in the center of my chest. My left shoulder and arm hurt bad accompanied sometimes by a headache or jaw pain. I have had my arm go numb before. My right arm hurts sometimes too. Each time it was bad I went to the ER and they found nothing. I had an echo test and C score test. They were both negative. No medication works. I have quit them all. I just deal with the pain now pretty much every day for the last few years.

brian, Community Member
2/19/14 7:47pm

Im having the same symptoms.

 All test negative. Its a little scary. On other hand im glad to know im not having heart issues. The er doctor told me that there are no nerve ending in the chest area so the brain causes pain in other parts of the body to let u know something is wrong. Thats why some peoples left arm go numb when theyre having heart issues.  she said that there Is nothing wrong with the arm, its just a signal. 

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