• nousa nousa
    May 23, 2008
    can acid reflux cause the heart to beat faster?
    nousa nousa
    May 23, 2008

    i have had a lot of nights with pain in my stoumack and my heart beats very fast and hard, what do i have?



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  • alicia January 18, 2009
    January 18, 2009

    hello me too i have the same very thing happening to me, i do have acid reflux and i am going in the hosp. on 1/29/09 to have the scope with brovo thats where they look around and leave like a little capsule in your throat to measure the amount of acid that you may be having i am worried about what they may find i am 32 years old and this has been going on for about 5 years now i thought it really was my heart at first but i have had every test you can have run on it except for the major one...i dont know i am like you i wish i had an answer or a way to fix it .....it has became a major prob in my life to live with maybe i am just a wimp hahahahaha i will let you know what they find....

  • stripes_may_move June 02, 2008
    June 02, 2008
    yes, acid reflux, or any type of gastric illness can trigger your nervous system to act as if your body is under stress or panic, hence the high heart rate. You should get checked out by the doctor because you could have ulcerations which can cause further complications READ MORE
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