• Amy Tudor
    August 13, 2014
    Amy Tudor
    August 13, 2014

    Hi there, Toeknee -


    I know this is a very old question, but I did want someone from our staff to answer you! I hope you've long since discovered the cause your throat and the thrush-like symptoms you're describing.  From what I've read, GERD does not cause thrush in and of itself. Typically it's caused by a severely compromised immune system, uncontrolled diabetes, or treatment with antibiotics that allow for an overgrowth of yeast. Some asthma meds can cause it as well.  I'm only a layperson though, and only a doctor can accurately diagnose what's causing your symptoms after an exam.


    If you did find out what was causing the symptoms and got treatment for it, perhaps you'd consider coming back and telling us how things turned out for you? Your experience might be invaluable to someone else suffering from the symptoms.


    Here are some links that might be helpful for you in any case.  Best of luck to you!


    Understanding Acid Reflux: A Doctor Q&A

    Acid Reflux Summer Food Swaps

    Acid Reflux/GERD Diet



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