• Gloria Gloria
    November 19, 2008
    How can i stop the burning of the back of my throat after regurgitating right now... It kills
    Gloria Gloria
    November 19, 2008

    I usually don't have this problem. I just had sex and I actually believe that the body weight of my husband helped bring on regurgitation. I've taken tums, cold water and even ice cold milk. But, the acid is still burning the back of my throat. What should I do? I even took a throat drop. Is there anything else that can help me right now?



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  • kerri November 24, 2008
    November 24, 2008

    hi gloria. I have found that yogurt works wonders for stopping the burning feeling in the back of your throat. try it and see if it works for you. ;)

  • John G. November 20, 2008
    John G.
    November 20, 2008

    Thanks for your question. You may want to read this list of ways to prevent GERD symptoms. Of particular interest is the section on nighttime GERD prevention. One of the suggestions is sleeping at a slight angle if possible to harnes gravity and keep the stomach acid down.


    I hope this helps.

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