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Saturday, April 04, 2009 Maverick, Community Member, asks

Q: I have acid reflux and i feel like a cant breath all my time, is this my acid reflux or more serios

i have acid reflux, and i feel like a cant breath. there are few time in the week when im not woried about this. i also have asthma, and when i take my inhaler i feel like i can breath, but it wears of in about an hour after i take it. is this just my acid reflux, or is it more serios. and is there anyway i can get ride of it. 

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Jennifer Rackley, Health Guide
4/ 7/09 10:30am

I am sorry to hear that you have both acid reflux and asthma.  One of my children deals with both issues as well.  She had to be placed on an asthma controlling medication, taken twice per day, and a PPI in order to get her symptoms under control.  If you are using a rescue inhaler frequently than your asthma may not be under control.  It might be a good idea to discuss the problem with your physician or a pulmonologist.  My husband just dealt with similar issues, had a lung function test and was placed on a controlling medication as well.  His breathing has improved drastically!  Best of luck to you and please let us know how things turn out!

sarah, Community Member
4/ 6/09 5:56pm

I have acid reflux to and have been in and out of a & e because its been so bad that i thought i was having a heart attack and im only 26  they sent me home after tests saying 'its ONLY acid reflux so if you have been to your doc and they say its reflux i wouldnt be to worried i know thats easier said then done, but reflux can give some pretty awful symptoms

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