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Monday, December 08, 2008 KELLY LOPEZ, Community Member, asks

Q: If you feel a cool sensation in your throat is that a symptom of GERD?

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Lisa K, Community Member
12/ 8/08 8:54pm

I think it could be - the feeling I have is like mint or Vick's flowing thru my chest/back, etc. My dr says it's GERD (after gallbladder removal).

Lisa K

Booboo007, Community Member
1/11/11 9:38am

I just had the scope done down my throat and esophagas and they told me I have Gastritis, however the biopsy came back and says I have H Pylori. I also have the cool feeling in my throat along with feeling a lump in my throat. I didn't feel the cool feeling in my chest or back but get chest pains now and then.  They want to put me on 2 antibiotics and up my dose of pantoprazole to 2x per day. They want me to be on the antibiotics for 2 weeks.

I see the dr today and am asking him to change my meds as it seems to make my head hurt and also get the shakes sometimes. I don't like how it makes me feel. Maybe try nexium or something like that. I am planning to go the natural way as soon as possible. I am now taking Probiotics and Plant Enzymes which help. I have cut down on food and eating smaller portions. No mexican food,nothing spicey at all and stay away from carbonated drinks like pop. Go to the dr and get a complete diagnosis first that is the best way and the do your own research to help yourself naturally as much as possible. I am praying the antibiotics take care of the HPylori and it will help get rid of the lump in my throat also. The lump isn't always there but it is alot and my throat at the end of the day just feels like I strained it or something and it makes me very tired. Good Luck and I will say a prayer for you!

Sam, Community Member
6/18/14 1:26am
Hi i feel exactly the same.I was in nexium two years ago and they worked wonders.But lately i start to feel the minty feeling again and lump in my throat plus a severe upper abdominal pain that starts on the right side then it will radiates on the left side too.I had ultrasound yesterday and it was all normal.Did you feel pain in the abdomen as well?I hope we can get through all these pains.God bless🙏 Reply
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