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Monday, July 06, 2009 gepe, Community Member, asks

Q: Help with burping? burp now every time I eat, I have acid reflux.

I would like to know what can be done to stop the burping I have. It's really miserable!!! It will hurt when I swallow solid foods like meat,raw veggies, ect.It seems to rub on my throat ( which I have an enlarged R-tonsil, which I think still has stones in it...I can feel them) then as it goes down my esphogus right in the breast bone area it will hurt.From my reading I think I have esphogusal spasms. I've had an chest x-ray,blood work, endoscope by a GI Dr and all comes back "normal", but I still have this pain and the burping.Anyone  know what to do?

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Jan Gambino, Health Guide
7/ 7/09 8:21am


Burping may be reduced by eating small bites and chewing carefully. Avoid chewing gum, carbonated drinks (soda) and foods that trigger burping. Try to eat smaller, more frequent meals as this will reduce the stress on your stomach.

Since you are having some discomfort in addition to the burping, it might be a good idea to consult with an Ears, nose and throat specialist. Perhaps the acid reflux is causing the burping but it is important to find out more about the painful swallowing.

Let us know what you find out.


gepe, Community Member
7/ 7/09 4:11pm

I already know all of this,plus been there done that with a ENT Dr ........he was useless and my PCP doesn't want to hear it.She thinks it's stress,which she has a point, but you are of no help either.I think I have esphogus spasms,plus 4 mos ago I lost my house had to move and lifted VERY heavy boxes which I should of never done.Plus a box fell from a shelf hitting me in the chest.After I moved I was so lucky to get sick again with another sore throat/sinus infection that lasted 4 mos,with 3 rounds of antibiodics.I lost 20 lbs from being sick and still have a enlarged tonsil and chest pain ( intermittent) all on the right side of my body.When I swallow solid food it hurts in my throat which in turn seems to set off pain in the chest/ breast bone area then I start burping.If you can figure this out then your a genuis!!when you do let me know.

trey, Community Member
8/25/10 1:16pm

I HAVE THE SAAAAME EXACT THING!!! I've had an endoscopy and everything, been tested for celiac i have no idea whats wrong with me, although I might suggest a food allergy because I think I'm allergic to wheat

trey, Community Member
8/25/10 1:18pm

so im on a no wheat diet and it is better but I still have awful painful loud burps and pressure in my stomach, my food constantly is being shoved back up to my throat and this happens even when I dont eat wheat sometimes so I'm really confused. Ive taken every single med known to man and am currently taking dexilant to manage the acid end of things but every other symptom still remains. let me know if you find anything out

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