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Thursday, September 11, 2008 Chabbles, Community Member, asks

Q: left abdominal pain, in the mid to lower left,discomfort also stretches around above my left hip.

Hello, I've been having a lot of discomfort in my left lower abdomen for the last three or four weeks. It's mostly a dull pain during the day, but at night it seems worse and makes it difficult to sleep. Occasionally that side of my abdomen also itches and feels swollen, and sometimes there is sharp pain near my navel or a feeling of fluid moving there.  


I've been to a doctor several times. He has found nothing physically wrong and says it might be stress-related. He gave me some painkillers and told me to return in a few weeks if it hasn't improved.  It hasn't, so I guess I'm going to have to see the doctor again. First, though, I'd like some more opinions.

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6/ 5/14 8:39am

Abdominal pain in general can be a symptom of acid reflux and acid reflux symptoms can be worse at night. It sounds like you have a physician you are working with already, but I am concerned that you have been experiencing the same discomfort for a year without any relief. I would make sure that you are seeing a specialist, such as a gastroenterologist, who has the ability to rule out whether or not you have acid reflux.


Once in the care of a gastroenterologist, he or she will conduct a thorough exam that may include different swallowing tests or a 24-hour probe that would measure whether or not stomach contents are moving up in the night. If the specialist does not believe it is acid reflux related, then he or she can provide advice about the next steps.


Here are some links that might be helpful as you're going through this process:



10 Foods to Avoid with Acid Reflux

Top Tips for Managing IBD


Good luck to you!

Willy, Community Member
12/20/08 8:53am

Have you had any luck with treatment? I certainly can relate to your situation. Recently the dull stomach pain I have been living with for about 2yrs has become worse and the more I read about GERD the more convinced I am that it is the culprit. My fear is that I have let it go untreated for far to long and now I am facing advanced symptoms which include dull almost bruising type pain around my belly button, and I find myself pressing on it with my hand to relieve the pain. It is worse at night and accompanied by a hacking dry cough almost all he time. I have recently come down with a terrible case of laryngitis and not surpisingly, it to is a symptom of GERD. Lastly, I have trouble swallowing my siliva when clearing my throat but no trouble swallowing food. I have been to the doctor, had ct scans, upper G.I's, and physical examinations, all proved negative and it seems as though my pcp is more concerned with my bP and choseterol than my presenting problem. Anyway I thought you my have found a successful treament assuming we have similar symptoms  

lilmomma 36, Community Member
10/20/09 9:08am

hi i just read your statement about the pain o nyour left side im doi nthe same thing and i do have acid reflux and i have to take anti acid for mine and usally that helps and i was wondring that maybe you might have acid reflux topo who knowshen i find out ill let you know take care

LuciaLucia, Community Member
1/25/09 7:54pm

I also have been having problems with left side pain.  No diagnosis yet, though.  I have pain just below my ribs on the left side, usually about 45 minutes after eating, although I have had it at other times too.  Sometimes it is dull, sometimes sharp enough that I can't stand up straight. It gets worse in the evening, and is sensitive to touch, so when it does hurt I have to lay on my right side. The doctors have tried laxatives, pills for nerve pain, nexium, protonix, pills for colon pain, ibuprofen, diet change, exercise,

just1primate, Community Member
6/ 5/09 9:56am

YES! This is EXACTLY whats been happening to me the last week or so. Any luck?

LuciaLucia, Community Member
6/14/09 3:03pm

I never got a diagnosis from my doctor's.  I saw all three of them about it, and none of them had answers for me.  They tried laxatives in case it was a blockage, nerve pain pills in case it was a pinched nerve, upper and lower scopes, and I never got any specific results.  I have some other posts about my diet changes, and I really have felt a lot better since I changed my diet.  When mine was hurting a lot, I couldn't lay on my left side at all because it felt like I was laying on a boulder.  I really have only had problems for the last few months if I eat a big meal, so I have pretty much been eating very small meals, and eating less meat.  I think it hurts worse after I eat a lot of meat.  If anyone gets a diagnosis, please post it!!!

K8, Community Member
7/ 7/09 4:04pm

I periodically get the same thing and think it may have to do with my diet.  If I eat a lot of ice cream and/or gassy food (I had Chipotle the other day and that's when it started)...and it stays for many days.  It's super uncomfortable!!  ughh...Yes, I would like to know what this possibly could be too!  I have the same exact symptoms.

Helper, Community Member
12/29/09 6:59am

Your symptoms mosty relate to Acid Reflux or GERD. It can show up after eating, lifting, or lying down, especially on your back. When you eat your meals I would advise to eat smaller portions, stay away from chocolate, citris fruits, caffinated drinks or alcohol, spicy, fatty or fried foods, garlic and onioins, and Tomatoes.  When you have to lift something or bend down at the waist have your spouse provide the muscle. In bed, just lie down in your most comfortable position, it's hard to avoid the pain anyways. Talk to your doctor and see if this is your problem. I'd try the diet but if that doesn't work there is always acid pills. Good luck!


Black Market, Community Member
1/31/09 4:23am

I too have abdominal pain, and have had GERD in the past. My pain is only caused by lying on my left side, but once I've been lying down for about 20 minutes the pain gets strong (dull, but strong) and will last for about 10 minutes or so after I've moved away from the offending position. I get the pain on my side, but frankly if I'm sort of on my side (my stomach or back) it is irritating as well. I can't really palpate anything significant. I have had dysphagia (trouble swallowing) for years and can't swallow even a midsize gel-cap type pill. I chew everything extensively. I don't know if its a GI problem, so I'm just mentioning it. I am a serious athlete (runner etc) so thought it could be some type of muscle tear, but the pain is deep starting half-way between my hip girdle and my belly button and extending around my abdomen to the back of the same place, so it doesn't seem consistent with a muscle tear to me. I recently had a blood test and urine test. I had high urea (dr. said it might be that I was dehydrated when I took the test), high creatine, high billirubin and high ALT/SGPT serum level. This could indicate liver or kidney issues, but would this cause this type of pain?


The only symptom I've ever had is a very stiff spine and neck but thats probably unrelated.

Black Market, Community Member
1/31/09 8:16am


Louis, Community Member
7/ 6/09 11:33pm

I've been getting muscle cramping in my left and right side of my abs at night as well, and but it gets better almost immediately when I stand up or if I'm sitting down. I also sometimes (independently) get inner hip pains that causes me to limp while walking.


I used and worked out the muscle at the location of my cramps is the psoas muscle.


A weak, tight psoas muscle can cause pain when lying down, and also hip pains as well.


There's a few websites on how to stretch the psoas muscle (just do a search for "psoas stretch"), I'm going to try them out, but I thought I'll let you all know just in case it's the same cause.


dan, Community Member
8/16/09 6:25am

are you constipated? if you are you might have diverticulitis ( pouches on outside of the colon, diverticula, become inflamed or infected. This digestive disorder has classic lower left quadrant pain symptoms (of the abdomen) if you have had your white blood cell levels tested, they should show and elevation (leukocytosis), which usually results in a diagnosis of diverticulitis. This disorder also causes fever sometimes but it sounds like you are just dealing with a dull constant pain (which scares the crap out of you). I know how you feel, i have been having lower right quadrant pain, and my doctor doesnt know what it is, but i have GERD, and chronic constipation. I am constantly worried about it. Hang in there, somtimes these are just freak symptoms that go away after a while, that is if your doctor really cannot find out what the problem is. Also, i would take some tests, like an x ray, and a barium enema can show if you have issues with your intestines. or an MRI, but those can be very expensive. Good luck

Chabbles, Community Member
10/28/10 4:52pm

i posted this question like two years ago, and just want people to know all the pains i described was because of something as simple as constipation..

at the time it was so severe i though i was fu*ked, it lasted for around a month,

and the longer u experience the extreme discomforted the worse your thoughts get..


what caused it for me was, lack of exercise, bad sleeping patterns, and not eating properly,..sitting at a computer all day and somethings all night, eating and sleeping at irregular times....


what got rid of it was, i was helping my brother paint the inside of a house. after 3 days of painting, getting to sleep at a right time, and getting up early the pains had almost disappeared,  and by the fifth and last day of painting i was feeling better then ever, pains completely gone...


everyone who has these pains should try a good bit of exercise, like constantly for 3 or 4 days with good sleeping patterns,

just try it, work through the pain. the first day i was painting was very uncomfortable, because with painting u do alot of constant stretching and moving around.. 

an hour jog in the morning and again in the evening would probly work just as well.


hope this helps 

vpmama, Community Member
1/27/12 11:01am

Chabbles: very kind of you to come back to tell how it was solved. I am sure for many yours will be the most useful post!

TigurLilly, Community Member
3/20/12 1:49pm

I think you are completely right, that more than 90% of one's body feeling crappy is because of poor diet, poor excercise and poor sleeping patterns.

I have the same pain in my lower left quadrant and I think trying to diagnose it with all sorts of pills is ridiculous, I've just wanted to know why it hurts.

I think what Chabbles said will probably help everyone else with their abdominal pains too, the human body needs a careful balance for you to feel well and healthy, and by just changing one of those things, say proper sleep, one feels emotionally imbalanced, slow, groggy, achy, and their appetite is affected.

However, I feel that most people do not stop and think that treating their bodies better, even slightly, will most likely make 'severe symptoms' disappear.

Because they aren't 'severe medical symptoms' it is probably 90% of the time your body telling you that you need to stop and think just what exactly it is you are doing to yourself.

And it will definitely keep the doctor's bills down, since there is really nothing wrong with you, they aren't going to find anything, just give you pills and a note telling you to come back for more testing

JESSE, Community Member
9/ 2/09 5:12am

I'm 42 male guy; is been almost three days with dull pain in my lower left abdomen.  Started Friday night, when to see doctor Saturday afternoon and said that Is probably a diverticilosis or appendicitis so she give me an antibiotics and to keep using Advil's for pain relief as I was taking one or two every 6 hours. Until blood results come in the following next week.  Well by Monday morning I decided to go to ER, I was very worry that something will show up in my blood results or the CAT-Scan of my abdomen. Well turns out, nothing! they've found nothing everything normal.  My first reaction was smile on my face, but at the same time.  Where is my pain coming from, I can still feel it in the same spot towards my lower back. But the actual pin point is coming from my left side abdomen.  Well doctors answer was, well we didn't see anything serious on you.  We thought you might have a kidney stone issue or something else they say; I couldn't remember what that was, you how these doctors talk there medicine language.  But the point is any away.  Oh yes, they give a prescription called: Naproxen 500 mg., which is for swelling, inflammatory and pain relief.  Well again, two different doctors couldn't tell me what it is; my own doctor and ER doctors.  But the pain is still there, the more I worried about it, the more I guess what that would be, is not going away. It's funny if I stand up its much little bit better than seating down whether is a chair or a sofa or lying down too.

Folks I need to advise? Jesse

Damien2005, Community Member
9/23/09 11:43pm

wow , im so glad i found this, Im a 25 male and ive had lower left abdomen pain for 2 weeks now. Ive gone through antibiotics no help and they even tested. I cant feel it all in the day untill night time. Havent noticed it with food since im eating and going to the bathroom just fine. Everything is normal but this. Whats goin on here???

chrismtp, Community Member
10/22/09 2:04pm

I have had symptoms like this on and off since 2001. I have been on Nexium which helps the pain in my stomach. I have been on anti-spasmotics Levsin and Librax. The Librax usually get rid of that cramping pain. Doctors have run every test, scan and all come back normal. So when pain lasts days into weeks, here is what helps me.

 - Go gluten free: No bread products or as little as possible.

 - Reduce dairy: I only drink a glass of skim milk at the most.

 - Reduce beans: Beans can be difficult on the digestive tract.

 - Eat small meals throughout the day. Snack on fruit like apple sauce. Bananas upset my stomach. I also like mixed fruit from the can.

 - I like hard boiled eggs mixed with a little mayo. Never had a problem with this.

Hope this helps!

Helper, Community Member
12/29/09 7:01am

Your symptoms mosty relate to Acid Reflux or GERD. It can show up after eating, lifting, or lying down, especially on your back. When you eat your meals I would advise to eat smaller portions, stay away from chocolate, citris fruits, caffinated drinks or alcohol, spicy, fatty or fried foods, garlic and onioins, and Tomatoes.  When you have to lift something or bend down at the waist have your spouse provide the muscle. In bed, just lie down in your most comfortable position, it's hard to avoid the pain anyways. Talk to your doctor and see if this is your problem. I'd try the diet but if that doesn't work there is always acid pills. Good luck!

E, Community Member
10/27/10 8:11pm

I have the same thing happening with me, and just spent Monday in the ER with severe pain.  Of course, they found nothing on the CT.  So Ive been doing more research and came across this discussion board.  Im glad I found it!


In my other research, Ive been looking at what else I have been putting into my body that might cause these symptoms.  The only thing I can come up with is Claritin.  I was taking a daily dose of Claritin, but stopped everything when this pain started.  Since I have not been taking the claritin, the pain is subsiding greatly. 


Are any of you taking claritin???

richard, Community Member
11/19/10 11:44pm

I have the exact same symptom in my lower left abdominal too, it just started 2 days ago, after I ate chipotle, but not right away, I think it was about 6-8 hours after I ate it and then I ate more stuff for dinner and drank lots of soda.  I am hoping it will pass, as soon as, all the junk leaves my intestines.  But its really strange, I never had that dull kind of pain before in one spot for 2 days in a row, it does feel worse when I seat and lie down, but when walking I can't even feel it.  If it doesn't go away for 5 days, I will go to the doctor, and hopefully they can fix it.

John, Community Member
11/21/10 8:19pm

Hi All, I have had similar symptoms on and off for the past 10 years and an currently experiencing them now.  One interesting thing about my symptoms is that they always seem to show up in about October and stay until approximately May.  Over the years I have been scoped multiple times from both ends and have also unpleasantly experienced a barium enema.  All tests came back negative.  I was tested multiple times for H-Pylori (sp?), the first time it was positive and I was treated, the second time it was negative.  This time the doctor  has suggested it might be a prostate infection or diverticlitus and has put me on Prilosec and Doxycyline.  I have been on med's for about a week and have no relief.  It seems that with today's technology this shouldn't be so difficult.  I would be very happy to learn if anyone receives successful treatment. 

PS - Constipation is not my issue, I am very regular and I get daily exercise. 

joe v, Community Member
6/ 4/13 2:41pm

Oh wow, me too.  I've had it for about 7 years.  Been to the ER, twice.  I know I have Acid Reflux, but this is something separate as well.  I feel a girgling sound down there once in a while.  I hate this.

muntaz, Community Member
1/ 8/11 12:36pm

Hi i had this problem 2 it started in august with chest pain and chest tightness

and i thought it was asthma but my doctor did a upper gi test on me and told me i have mild acid reflux i also have a pain on my left side the pain is more of a discomfort and i still have it i am taking nexium and ranticide to be honest my doctor told me there is no cure for this only i have to learn to control it. It really is fustrating, but now im on a different diet quit be honest again i still have the problem and the meds only help a little the doctor said if i still have the prob in 2 months then they are going to do an endoscopy on me to see what's really causing the prob i hope i feel better 

E, Community Member
1/27/11 1:50pm

Hello again!  This is E.  I posted a few comments ago.  My pain is mostly gone!  It wasnt the claritin.  I stopped that with no reduction in pain. 


Heres what I did.....


First, my doc thought it was alcohol, so I stopped that.  Didnt help one bit. 


So, I got both ends.  Of course they found nothing. 


CT Scan showed nothing. 


So, I started eliminating other things from my life that may have been causing me problems...


SPicy result.

Tobacco...gross but result


Dr. Pepper.....RESULT!!!!!!  Within 3 days of not frinking soda, my pain began to subside.  It haqs now been exactly 2 weeks, and my pain is almost completely gone. 


Get off the soda!  Itll kill ya.



Good luck to you!

Sweetblues, Community Member
6/21/12 3:19pm
Holy crap E!!!! I have been having these bad pain really uncomfy! I have read thru all these people stuff until I got to Rus it made since....I only drink water and coffee but here lately it's been dr pepper and hope this works for me to. I only crave them every blue moon or Thanks a bunch hope it works for me as well! Take care! Reply
NYC, Community Member
1/14/12 9:14am

I've had that pain as well about an inch from belly button and radiating down to the soas muscle. I had an ultra sound which is the best test and nothing was found except I have gall stones but I have had those for several years and no problem

(wrong side anyway). The doctor said just don't think about it, GREAT thanks for the advise. So I'm gluten free and also most dairy free, and eat very little sugar.

It may be coffee but I think IBS and constipation. I think it is crazy that we are never taught about our bodies in school and have to rely on doctors for everything.


1920blink2, Community Member
1/27/12 11:01pm

Check this website out.  It should be able to help you.  The condition is called Costochondritis.

Rainafaith21, Community Member
5/21/14 10:12pm
hi, yes i have experenced your pain and i ended up going to the er cause we thought i was my appendix. i went to several doctors, they felt on my stomach, and when the pushed on it, brought me to tears. and was hard. then when i went to a gastro-intestinal doc, i was fos, which is very comman. this is full of stool, but luckily, very very very simple to fix! buy some miralax! laxitive and is about 6-7 bucks. take/ follow the directions, (fill the powder to the fill line) and put it in 24 onces of water. U HAVE TO DRINK IT. i has no taste, but it starts working in 10 min! it will soften your poop and make it easier. hope this helped!! ❤️ Reply
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