• Deence Deence
    January 10, 2010
    What causes strep throat (kinda), days after coming off antibiotic for strep throat?
    Deence Deence
    January 10, 2010

    I had strep throat almost three weeks ago. (I didnt do a strep test cause my tonsils were covered in white spots and i had all the symptoms, so the doc said i didnt need to have one.) I took Amoxicilan for the full 10 days and felt better. A few days after finishing the pills i started to get a sore throat again. Its been aver a week now and my throat is a painful as when i had strep, but looks a little different. My tonsils are relatively clean, except for a bright red vein looking thing stretching across one, every once in a while a white spot, one larger sore i can't really see at the bottom of one tonsil, and a reddish tint to my entire throat. I also recently discovered a noticeable sore on the roof of my mouth towards the back, but that may be unrelated. I have no fever, no chills, nothing but a horrid sore throat. Ive tried every home remedy. I have no insurance so no doc visit would be great, does it sound like i need one?




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