• Fran Fran
    October 22, 2012
    How can I get rid of this persistent cough?
    Fran Fran
    October 22, 2012


    I've been coughing for a year non-stop. When I cough I always have running eyes, itchy ears, and mucus through my mouth and nose. I sometime regurgitate.  No doctor can help me thus far. I've seen my general doctor, my oncologist, a lung doctor, my gastroenterologist, and an allergist, all to no avail. What can I do, or better yet who can I see to rid this cough?



  • Amy Tudor
    August 10, 2014
    Amy Tudor
    August 10, 2014

    Hi there Fran -


    I know this is an old question, but I did want someone from our staff to answer you!  I hope you've long since discovered the cause of this problem and gotten some treatment for it! All of my guesses of what it could be should have been covered by the various doctors you've seen, so I'm stumped as to what could have been causing it.


    If you did find out what was causing your symptoms and got treatment for them, perhaps you'd consider coming back and telling us how things turned out for you? Your experience might be invaluable to someone else suffering from the symptoms.


    Here are some links that might be helpful for you in any case.  Best of luck to you!


    Is Public Transit Making Me Sick?

    9 Ways to Keep Your Airways Clear and Lungs Clean




  • robichris October 22, 2012
    October 22, 2012

    You do need to determine what is the cause of the cough.


    I assume you don't smoke?

    I assume your chest x-rays and scans have shown nothing?

    When is it worst? Do you get the cough when you are lying down or first thing in the morning? If so, it could be reflux cough.


    I used to have an horrendous cough to the extent I'd practically pass out when I had a coughing fit (and had to sit down so I didn't collapse). I used to sit up coughing in the middle of the night for a couple of hours - and I drank far too much cough suppressant (with little effect).


    After many fruitless visits to ENT (Ear, Nose Throat specialists), I told my doctor I thought it was connected to my reflux as it was worse when I'd had bad heartburn. So my omeprazole was increased - eventually to 80mg a day but with no effect. Controlling the acid does not stop reflux (of enzymes chyme and bile) which aspirates into the lungs. The previous acid, however, may have damaged my lungs.


    I followed all the lifestyle advice to control reflux: small meals (little and often) loose clothing, not eating for 3 hours before going to bed etc. but to no avail.

    Eventually I had the anti-reflux Nissen Fundoplication operation and the cough went and I am drug free. (I still have a small residual cough but that may be from previous acid damage.)


    Hope you can get to the bottom of yours and get it sorted: I know how debilitating it can be.



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