• stwj.suze stwj.suze
    March 05, 2009
    reflux oesophagitus - weakened LES valve? will it strengthen again?
    stwj.suze stwj.suze
    March 05, 2009

    Can the LES valve strengthen itself again? Or once it is weakened does it remain weak forever?


    My condition, severe reflux oesophagitus IS improving with meds (30mg daily prevacid, gaviscon) and a healthy restricted diet programme and lots of walks in fresh air. Am I hoping for too much in thinking that my LES valve may also be recovering and that one day (oh I wish!) things will be back to almost normal (minus the wine, coffee and nice spicy food!)?? What is the expert opinion? I have been such a good patient and followed the rule book to a tea (herbal of course!) I would love to think it will be worth it.




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