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Thursday, September 25, 2008 hlm23, Community Member, asks

Q: Feels like an air bubble bursting in my chest, no pain.

I am a 29 year old female with no history of medical problems.  For the last few years, I have been experiencing a feeling like an air bubble bursting in my upper chest, like a thump.  But the funny thing is it never makes me burp, it isnt painful, and usually it is like I feel it coming up from the opening between my esophagus and stomach.  I dont think it is my heart, but I have read about gastrointestinal problems maybe causing abnormal heart beats? It happens mostly when I have heartburn, but not always. Sometimes it happens several times in a row, sometimes just once, and sometimes I go weeks without it happening, but that is seldom.  I do have pretty bad heartburn and acid reflux, I have for years.  I have searched all over the net many times looking for anything similar to this but cant find anything.  Everything I come across is describing something like this associated with belching or pain, but this causes neither.  The bubble just feels like it travels up my esophagus, or maybe in front of my esophagus, bursts, and then there's nothing.  If it is gas, it is being released somewhere in my body, not coming out.  Does anyone have ANY idea what this is and if it is something I should be worried about?

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Jennifer, Community Member
10/ 1/08 5:14pm

   I need help too! I'm an otherwise healthy thirteen year old girl in Georgia, and I'm having the same thing happening to me! I've also been feeling nauseous for a while, so I just had an endoscopy done. The doctors found a small bit of inflamed tissue in my stomach, and they're still testing it. My gastroenterologist is going to do an ultasound of my gallbladder in a few weeks - which seems kind of strange to me, because from what I've found on the internet, I would be having intense abdominal pain if I had gallbladder problems. But I kept looking, and I think I might have silent gallstones - they're just like regular gallstones, except they don't cause pain, just nausea. And they go away on their own. I was diagnosed with acid reflux when I was eight, and I was put on Prevacid for 6 months. Then I was fine, until now. But I don't think what I have now is acid reflux. Now I'm on Prilosec. But the bubbles won't go away! Though I'm not sure I've remembered to metion the bubbled to my doctor - stupid, I know.

   Please help if you know anything!

nmbw, Community Member
10/ 5/08 9:31pm

I have this too, the exact same feeling you described and wonder what it is, I sure hope someone answers that knows for sure!

Jennifer, Community Member
10/ 7/08 6:34pm

Hello, me again; Look up something called gastritus. That could be it. I'll get back to you all on Friday; that's when I'm having the ultrasound on my gallbladder. I'll ask my doctor what we all might have.Undecided

Jennifer, Community Member
10/23/08 6:32pm

Ask your doctor about a possible nerve problem - that's what they think I have. They can cause the bubbles we have. Hope this helps!

Jennifer, Community Member
12/ 2/08 7:04pm

Me again - and I'm cured! I went to Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, and they diagnosed me with an overactive nerve in my stomach. I took antidepressants for a month to block the nerve, and no nausea and no bubbles! Please ask your doctor about this - maybe we've got the same thing! I hope this helps and feel better!

Shoyru95, Community Member
3/ 4/09 7:11pm

I am a 20 year old male with no history of medical problems


I have the same thing except the tiny bubbles start at the bottom tip (one inch to the right from the center) of my right rib cage and travel up to the middle of my right chest muscle and suddenly disappear--no pain at all during the whole process which are in 3-10 sec. bursts. I just called a Registered Nurse and she has no idea. I've had this problem for a while, maybe a couple of months, even years, but I never thought it noteworthy to call about. Now I do since it seems to happen after I eat. If I find out more information I'll let you know.


God Bless You!

MommyMD, Community Member
4/16/09 6:20pm

I would highly suggest you look into food allergies and intolerances. 


Although the scientific community cannot agree conclusively on the definition of an allergy I have known many cases of misdiagnosis, specifically; IBS, GERD, Acid Reflux, Anxiety, etc.. that in all actuality were Food allergies or intolerances.


Symptoms include:


Shortness of breath

Flushing (body gets warm and red - doesn't have to be all over, can be localized)

Air bubble feeling in chest

chest tightness


increased acne

constipation or Loose stools


water retention

and many many many more


Elimination diets are key - food triggers can stay in your body for up to 3 weeks while the offending food response may not happen for up to 4 days in the case of intolerances or sensitivities. 


Best bet is a blood test for using ELISA method that detects IGg and IGe


Hope this helps :)

ps. don't always rely on doctors to figure it out for you

Jen, Community Member
6/10/09 3:25pm

It looks like these posts were from last year.  Any more updates?  I will be asking my doctor about the food allergies and maybe an overactive nerve in my stomach.  I have had the same feeling.  Like a gurgling feeling in my chest, and noticed it more often after I ate salad.  Mostly when I lay down at night.  My doctor ran blood tests and everything came back fine, and recommended me see a GI specialist who has now put me on Prilosec and Gas-X everyday.  But it still seems to be there, going on week 2 of the Prilosec but I have had this feeling in my chest for over 2 months now.

tcoleman, Community Member
11/24/10 7:47pm

I get the same feeling as well after I eat a salad.  Does ur throat feels like it's like closing a little?  Thanks, TLC

Robynnkshay, Community Member
1/14/10 9:25am

I need answers too! I have the same feeling only I do not experience any pain or heartburn with this although I have been treated for reflux.SOMETIMES I start having little burps afterwards. It feels like little bubbles in the center of my chest. I have been concerned it was heart related but it doesn't feel like a heartbeat and it is in the center not the left side. Has anyone felt this associated with any kind of heart arrthymia? Any help would be great!!!

selkas1, Community Member
2/28/10 10:54am

This is not a food allergy. I would recommend u see your doctor and let him do some  test on your heart. I have the exact same thing. mostly at night when i lay down to sleep.  It feels like popping bubbles travelling through my chest but there is no pain. Sometimes in makes u cough. I was diagnosed with mvp(mitrovalvue prolapse). Totally harmless.  U just need to remember to take antibiotics before u see a dentist or have any major surgery. research this on the internet.

Ninva, Community Member
3/15/12 4:59pm
I have started having this problem in the past two days and at first I thought my heart stopped for a bit, and it happened again after an hour. That was last night. All day today I've been having the same feeling. It's totally without warning. Sometimes it feels like a thump, other times like a bubble that just won't burst and it makes me cough sometimes too. I have had a similar cough for a few days now, which I couldn't explain either, but I think it's connected. I made an appointment this morning with my Dr and have already seen her. She thinks it is related to my caffeine intolerrance. I know I am allergic to coffee because of the quick and sudden reaction that drinking even one cup has on me. Basically, my whole digestive system starts shaking and within 30 minutes empties all it's content and leaves me totally drained for days. But, I have been drinking normal tea, coke and do love chocolate which don't have as much effect on me, except that if I have too many in a week, like drink 6 cups a day for a couple of weeks, one of my eyebrows develops a twitch, I also get a twitch elsewhere, like my lip or chin or fingers, but all Ihave to do is stay away from caffeinated foods and it goes away after a while. So, although I'll be having an ECG (heart rhythm check in 4 days time, My Dr has asked me to stay off caffeine for 2 weeks to see if the problem goes away by itself. I read somewhere that as food manufacturers are taking caffeine out of some foods, like tea, etc, they are adding it to other goods to create bulk, so we end up with much more caffeine in food and we don't even know it has been added. So, something to look out for. The feeling is consistent with a twitch and in my case it's very likely relate to caffeine, but I wonder if anyone else on this listing has a caffeine allergy that they may not be aware of. I will post a note after a couple of weeks, and after my tests are done to let you know if the problem has gone away by staying off caffeine. Reply
Debbie, Community Member
2/16/10 12:59pm

I have the same thing... I believe it is definitly "food" related.. I just feel it is ANY food at this time. I had/have a ulcer, and acid reflux...try keeping in an upright position, or at least elevate your head...things like eggs do it to me, keep  a list, and avoid these foods, that is all I can do as I have no insurance

clfris, Community Member
4/15/10 2:40pm

I have the same thing.  I told my doctor about it and I had to take a breath test for possible bacteria.  She put me on anti-acid medication, so we'll see if that works.  I'll post back when I hear.  It's not painful, but it annoys me and makes me yawn. 

daisey, Community Member
4/28/10 12:11pm

Me too, i get it in my throat or deeper ones in my stomach. It's so weird!

clfris, Community Member
4/28/10 12:49pm

My test for the stomach bacteria came back negative.  I've been taking Aciphex for almost 2 weeks and have experienced the same feeling 2 times since taking it.  I'm hoping it will eventually go away! 

Caitlin, Community Member
4/28/10 5:00pm

Hi everyone. I've been dealing with the same issue. Whenever I breathe in, i can feel these air-bubbles come up. I don't know if this is an issue, but about 3 weeks ago I had Pneumonia. I already had it when I was about 5 or 6. I do have acid reflux, I was diagnosed when I was about 7 or 8. It runs in my family(mother&father) and I usually take tums to realive the pain. I haven't gotten it in a while, which is great. I'm not sure if it's the acid reflux or Pneumonia coming back. Also, I just get the bubbles when I breathe in. Rearly do they come up, unexpectedly.

Jules, Community Member
8/ 5/10 7:38pm

im 12 years old and i have this problem...i dont know wat it is..but wen i explain 2 my parents about it..they dont know wat it is! i asked the doter and he said he has neve heard of it. vut unlike u peoples....u guys sa y that u have no pain. i have pain. and 1 time i had this bubble on half of my brain and wen i turned my ''popped'' and i started 2 cry. it hurts very much!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!


ms lola, Community Member
1/ 7/11 7:01pm

if you are having this pain that travels to your head ask your mom or doctor to give you a scan of your head and neck area to prevent any problems . and if you worry a lot about things it could be the cause of your nervous stomach bad nerves cause your body to react in different ways but the best advice is to go to another doctor for another point of view. God Bless

Teresa, Community Member
4/11/11 10:07am

I also have this same thing, it feels like a bubble is stuck in between my stomach and chest when I burp it feels better for a second then fills back up again.  I have been diagnosed with GERD and take Omperzole and it helps with the heartburn but not the bubbles, I was on previcid solutabs which I thought worked great, but of course with my insurance they are very expensive so my doctor put me back on tablets and now I am back with bubbles.  I would also like to know if anyone has any suggestions or answers as to what this is and how to resolve it.  It is nice to hear other people have this and are wondering the same thing. 

surelycurley, Community Member
5/ 2/11 9:03pm

Hi I hope you guys will reply. I think i have the same issue....i could be eating, talking, or doing nothing and out of no where these weird "air puffs" shoot through my chest and it always scares me and i start to cough...and the effect of it takes forever to come down. Its like my body is still in "air puff mode" if that makes i kind of get all jittery for a while because of it. I'm hoping we're all talking abou the same thing. The Dr.s all look at me strange and unfortunately i have severe anxiety so thats the 1st thing the say it is -__- one Dr. said it was acid reflex and something about GERD....i pray you guys can see this and give some feed back...

Michele, Community Member
6/16/11 6:51pm

I have this symptom, but in my case it is definitely painful and scary. I'll feel like I've been punched in the chest and have difficulty breathing.  I feel like I have to burp, and foamy saliva comes up and it doesn't give me any relief.  It always happens when I eat rice, for some reason, and I LOVE rice.  I don't eat it often.  I have found that having a family member apply pressure to my upper back between my shoulder blades gives me relief.  I thought to try this because I know some people who have gone to chiropractors for digestive problems, and that's where the chiropractor applies pressure. 

debrak1963, Community Member
1/ 5/12 4:58pm

Weird for me too i do take medication for acid reflex because when  i would swallow food it would feel like it was sticking  it hurt me and swas hard to breathe then it would finally go down! But recently i have noticed mostly it happens swhe i am laying in bed at night i will be on my wright side i feel like fluuters  from y upper tummy into my chest and it actually scares me , i have asked my dr but they don't say much ,i am going thru menopause too but i just don't know!i know if i sit up i push down on my upper tummy then it goes away so i'm not sure if thiose is what you mean by bubbles or not! And no i have no pain!

alennard07, Community Member
5/19/11 2:23pm

I too have the same problem. For about six weeks now I've been experenicing chest gurgles that will only go away when I'm lying down. It's really starting to annoy me and I was wondering if there is anything I can do about it. Hlm23 has your air bubbles gone away?

Joe, Community Member
12/11/11 5:21pm

I have had this exact same problem for years and years, and it has always worried me, but I have finally found out what it is - and it's harmless, so I hope this helps to ease your worries too.


It's a condition known as PCS - Precordial Catch Syndrome, also known as Texidor's Twinge. Doctors don't really know the cause, but it is very common, and causes no harm, even though a lot of people think they are having a heart attack.


It happens to me multiple times a week, and in the past I have been about to dial emergency services thinking that I am in serious trouble. But I feel so much more relaxed about it now.


Do a search on google and see all the info that comes up. Sounds exactly like what we've all been experiencing.


Hope this helps.

cmd16, Community Member
5/11/12 6:29am

I get this feeling alot. I usually get really freaked when I get it too. I get paranoid that its something from smoking, but I don't know what it is. I'll lay down at night and the air bubble makes a gurgling sound and sits at the top of my chest and I can't get it out.

crisg, Community Member
7/28/12 2:30am

Your fine , it's a natural occurance ... your body does wierd things all the time and most go un-noticed ... 

lawlfish, Community Member
1/ 8/13 9:12am

Hello all, I recently stumbled upon this question.  I cannot speak for everyone else, but for the asker:


It sounds like you have what is called a "spontaneous pneumothorax."  In lamens terms, its a hole in the lung through which air can escape into the chest cavity.  When I was 15 I had a major primary spontaneous pneumo at the bottom of my lung (2.5" tear).  It only hurt initially when I ruptured it by couging.  Afterwards, it would feel like air bubbles coming from my stomach up to my upper chest and was painless.


This condition is normally resolved without any treatment if it is a small, primary spontaneous pneumothorax.  However, if it is larger, such as a tear or multiple ruptures, surgery is often required to correct it.


If you feel a constant flow of air bubbles you should seek immediate help.  A pneumothorax, depending on size, can be an absolute medical emergency and life threatening.  If enough air collects in the chest wall, it can put pressure on your heart, increasing blood pressure and decreasing oxygen saturation of the blood which can lead to death if left untreated.  If this is the case, you will feel dull left shoulder pain and light headedness.


I hope this helps.  I get them every now and again from coughing (and I smoke).  I'll feel a little pop and then no air bubbles.  However, my original episode required three surgeries and 28 days in the hospital to correct because it was a complex primary spontaneous pneumothorax (multiple ruptures).


Side note: ask your physician for a chest x-ray and MRI.  A pneumo can be seen on an xray, but depending on the location of the rupture you may need an MRI to find it.

Michele, Community Member
1/10/13 11:34am

I finally spoke to my doctor about it--he said it's a constricted esophagus, usually aggravated by pasty, starchy foods such as rice and white bread.  He said it can be diagnosed with one of those tests that require you to drink some thick liquid and they're putting a scope down your throat.  He also said that if that is what it is, it can be fixed during the test!  But if that isn't an option for you, drinking MILK during one of the attacks will alleviate the discomfort.

toaster kittem, Community Member
4/24/13 8:18pm

I have the same exact problem!!!!!! You said everything that I go through! I also have bad heart burn and reflux. I have no idea what it is!!!!!!!! Without this problem, I would be your typical 16 year old girl from Indiana. I'm glad Im not the only one who has this problem! Like you said, sometimes it makes me feel like Im having an irregular heart beat. It worries me, but after a while it goes away. It doesn't necissary hurt, but it makes this weird noise! Like, "Honnnkkkk" Haha I wish I knew it was.....

toaster kittem, Community Member
4/24/13 8:19pm

I have the same exact problem!!!!!! You said everything that I go through! I also have bad heart burn and reflux. I have no idea what it is!!!!!!!! Without this problem, I would be your typical 16 year old girl from Indiana. I'm glad Im not the only one who has this problem! Like you said, sometimes it makes me feel like Im having an irregular heart beat. It worries me, but after a while it goes away. It doesn't necissary hurt, but it makes this weird noise! Like, "Honnnkkkk" Haha I wish I knew it was.....

vplw, Community Member
1/30/14 4:29pm

I hope someone knows what tbis might be. I have the same feeling. It usually lasts a few seconds and comes and goes. I may not get it for weeks then out of the blue I get it. It feels like a bubbly feeling between my chest and stomach.  And moves up to my throat and sometimes my throat feels like it is closing a bit. Then I get freeked out and go into a panic attack. It is driving me crazy. Please help.  I hope someone knowes what this is.

vplw, Community Member
1/30/14 4:30pm

I hope someone knows what tbis might be. I have the same feeling. It usually lasts a few seconds and comes and goes. I may not get it for weeks then out of the blue I get it. It feels like a bubbly feeling between my chest and stomach.  And moves up to my throat and sometimes my throat feels like it is closing a bit. Then I get freeked out and go into a panic attack. It is driving me crazy. Please help.  I hope someone knowes what this is.

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