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  • garylynn52 December 18, 2010
    December 18, 2010

    my   pharmist  says  any    proton   pump  inhibitor  ,  u  can   test   positive fot   thc..  yes   philosec  is  a    proton  pump  inhibitor . thanks   gar

    • ejoness
      April 25, 2013
      April 25, 2013
      I am currently in a clinic taking suboxone and I failed my last two drug screens with thc and have not used, is it really possible to fail a drug test using prilosec and it show thc in my system even if it is a little trace of the drug?  My doctor said that there is no way that could happen but I know that I have not used any other drugs than the suboxone and the prilosec, and what can I do to get them to believe me?  They are going to throw me out of the program if I keep having positive drug screens. READ MORE
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