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    May 01, 2010
    Could my jaw bone and chest pain be reflux?
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    May 01, 2010

    I am having occasional morning and evening chest tightening pain and jaw pain. Pain will go away after a few minutes. I had x-rays, a stress test, and EKG which turned out fine. My doctor diagnosed it as reflux, but I do not have most of the reflux symptom other than some burping. What could it be? Please help!




  • Stephanie
    Health Guide
    May 03, 2010
    Health Guide
    May 03, 2010

    Sometimes reflux can present only with the unusual symptoms. For years I got bronchitis and laryngitis much more than the normal person. Then the "true" reflux symptoms kicked in and I got medicated and lo and behold the respiratory things were gone. My daughter had a chronic cough that we couldn't get rid of with any of the respiratory treatments. But, reflux meds cured the cough.


    You could try a trial of medication to see if the symptoms go away or if the symptoms are infrequent enough to tolerate then you may want to discuss the option of OTC Tums or such to see if they help. If you try these and the symptoms don't improve then your doctor will be more apt to look into other issues.


    You can read more about the less common symptoms of reflux here:




    Best of Luck - Stephanie


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