• Jillian Hinkson Jillian Hinkson
    July 10, 2008
    What I thought was a post nasal drip turned out to be acid reflux.
    Jillian Hinkson Jillian Hinkson
    July 10, 2008

    On examination of my flu type symptoms over the years I have noticed that I get the usual body aches, light fever, sore throat but on most occasions the coughing is terrible.  Nothing seemed to help.  I have every possible cough mixture but very little relief.  I went to the doctor yesterday because I had flu type sysptoms with terrible coughing in the past 2 months.  After examining me he basically told me that he ws going to treat me for acid reflux.  Can acid reflux be the real cause of my distress? How long do I have to be on medication?  He explained that intermittent treatment may not be enough.  I don't think I have a bad cse of acid reflux but I really am in disbelief.



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  • kellyjoy September 30, 2008
    September 30, 2008

    I have just read your article about post nasal drip.  I have had a cold for 3 weeks and the doctor put me on antibioltics which has not helped.  I have noticed on the days I stick to a proper diet I am o.k. but when I eat things like chocolate, bread, biscuits I get acid reflux and the post nasal drip.


    My doctor didn't seem interested.

  • Liz October 17, 2009
    October 17, 2009

    I too have had a caugh for like 3 weeks now.. and im starting to worry... but  never any fever or any body aches... just that post nasal drip , at times constantly having to clear my throat ... but other times Im fine , I feel sometimes like I can't catch my breath.. like asthma ( but I don't have asthma). I recenlty got laid off and so no Insurance that is why Im waiting to see if it just passes.... I recently applied for that unitedhealthone insurance $97.00 a month .. I figured its better than having to pay full specialist visits... but will be going to see an ENT as soon as approved for it.  

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