• Stephanie
    Health Guide
    January 07, 2010
    Health Guide
    January 07, 2010

    The Nexium pharmacology paperwork does not list sodium as an ingredient. It does have Sodium Hyrdoxide in the coating but this would be extremely minimal and it is not the same as Sodium Chloride which is what we know as salt.


    The paperwork did list that in clinical trials less than 1 percent of people have increased blood pressure as a side effect.


    With all this said, if you are having issues with increased blood pressure, it would be a good idea to go to your doctor to help get it figured out. Your body could be reacting to illness or could be having increased blood pressure as a new symptom. You don't want to assume it's due to the Nexium and have it be due to something else entirely.


    Best of Luck - Stephanie


    You can read more about Nexium here:



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