• Scott Douthitt Scott Douthitt
    December 08, 2011
    Can adults get croup?
    Scott Douthitt Scott Douthitt
    December 08, 2011

    I know that kids can get croup, but can adults get croup, too? Also, is croup contagious among adults?



  • Stephanie
    Health Guide
    December 11, 2011
    Health Guide
    December 11, 2011

    From what I can find it can happen in any age, but it is most common in children under five. It's unusual for adults to get it because their breathing passages are larger and can accomodate the inflammation more easily. When adults do develop croup, it's not uncommon for them to need to be hospitalized.


    If you're having trouble breathing, you may be suffering from a chest cold, or even asthma. If your condition continues I'd suggest you see a doctor. In the meantime, here are some links that might be useful to you:

    Here are some links that might be useful to you:

    What are Asthma Sub-Types and Groups?


    Learning Your Asthma Symptoms and Signs

    • John Bottrell
      May 17, 2014
      John Bottrell
      Health Pro
      May 17, 2014

       I found a really nice case study on adult croup, and you can find it here.  Basically, 11 cases of adult croup were reviewed.  All required a stay in the hospital ranging anywhere from 3-35 days.  While ten of the patients required care in an intensive care unit, none of them died.  So, adult onset croup tends to be more severe than child onset croup, although it is not deadly if treated properly.  


      Here are some other links you might helpful, Scott:


      Croup (general information)

      The Croup/Reflux Connection



  • isamadrid34 December 19, 2014
    December 19, 2014
    My 2 year old was diagnosed with croup. He is on his 3rd day if steroid and is doing well. Problem is that i feel like i have a tightening in my throat now. Nothing that is unbearable but wondering if i should be treated as well or since its not seeming to be a problem can i treat it at home without medication? Please help READ MORE
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