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Saturday, September 20, 2008 ali, Community Member, asks

Q: can reflux effect arms and legs and eyesight

can reflux effect arms and legs and eyesight

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Vicki M, Health Guide
9/25/08 3:08pm

Hi Ali,


I have not heard that acid reflux can affect the arms, legs or eyesight but you can never tell. The human body is a complex machine. Here is some information that might help you ask all the right questions when you talk to your doctor.



You can read about GERD here in the overview and you can check your symptoms here in the symptoms database. Once you have seen your doctor, if he prescribes medication for GERD, you can read about them here in the drugs database. You can also research treatments available and alternatives here in the treatments database.


Remember, online sites are great resources for getting the information you need to ask all the right questions. But they should never take the place of your doctors solid medical advice.


I hope this helps. Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing!

Vicki M

charmsbratt, Community Member
9/28/08 1:08pm

I have experienced blurred vision and tingling ,numbness sensations down my arms and legs as well as numbness in my lips. I have severe bouts of reflux secondary to poor motililty. I am on nexium 40 mg twice a day and iv pepcid 20 mg twice a day as well as iv nausea medications daily.Reflux can also make you feel dizzy. I am a registered nurse and I have taken care of patients with these symptoms as well. The other atypical symptom I have with severe spells is nose bleeds. I was told the acid refluxes and irritates the nasal passages. Hope this helps.

Meli, Community Member
4/19/09 10:22pm

I get these symptoms and I have been dealing with this for about 3 years. I have burning up and down my arms and legs, up ontop of my head and my lips have gone numb and sometimes the inside of my nose burns. I have pressure at the front of my head and I get dizzy and my vision goes blurry. when it is bad,  my heart rate goes way up and I get dizzy and feel like I can't breath, it is not a panic attack, at this point I usually feel like I have to go to the bathroom right away, I don't have diarreah but once I have a bowel movement and take a tums and (try to calm my heart rate) and force alot of burps out, I usually feel better. I think it also has something to do with the vagus nerve too, but I haven't found a family doctor yet willing to help me, they never want to listen and just want to prescibe a bunch of medication for me so they can make money, I hate MDs. The only thing that has ever helped me is a Chiropractor. I have tested positive for H Pylori but did not take the antibiotics. The Chipractor told me that once my immune system gets up that it will naturally fight it, and that everyone has H Pylori to one degree or another. I was like a different person once I started seeing a chiropractor, I felt better than I ever had, which Im only 37 but these symptoms were so severe it made me bedridden and I could hardly walk and I was dizzy and nauseated constantly. But I moved 4,000 miles away about 8 months ago and went to a  new chiropractor a few times since moving here, but didn't feel he was giving me the kind of treatment I needed and stopped going. So, guess what? Yep my symptoms are coming back full force. So I have been hunting for a good chiropractor in my area and hope to find relief again soon. I hope this helps someone because it is really hard to deal with, it can also make you feel exhausted almost like chonic fatigue is a symptom.

Harley, Community Member
9/26/10 11:38pm

Why do you go to a chiropractor? i have most of these probs

Dawn, Community Member
4/ 1/12 10:37am

Thank you for this post and some of the others as well.  I too am now experiencing acid reflux with the dizziness (a wierd type of dizzy), and the arm numbness.  This started after I lifted a heavy object.  Over time, it became so bad that I had to go to ER after heart rate elevated 120 with palpitations and the feeling all over my body like micro shaking or the feeling you get when you have the flu.  They gave me 2IVs which made me feel better. They ran all the tests and came up with nothing.  Went to my Dr. and she prescribed antibiotic for sinus infection and told me that I probably almost had pneumonia.  The feeling kept up and I felt like I was anxious constantly.  I knew I wasn't making this up..not a go to the Dr. kind of person, but wanted to make sure it wasn't my heart.  The second Dr. was closer to acknowledging that I probably tore my intercostals and had some tearing across my pecs and into my rotater.  Time and healing was going to help.  2 months later, feeling better but not totally.  Was eating a hamburger and felt a pain at the bottom of my esophogus. hit me that maybe I had torn something that they hadn't picked up on x-rays and so started taking Prilosec, this helped quite a bit.  I started feeling almost 100% when I accidentally put pressure on my stomach and the feeling came back again.  To make this story shorter I am working on not eating foods that cause acid reflux, drinking 2/3 my weight in oz of water, and taking naps when I can as the acid reflux I have causes a fatigue that I have never had before.  

winnie_jensen, Community Member
9/30/09 1:39pm

I have reflux as well and my arms are sometimes weak or simmering, my sight is weaker now (I started running and then became acid reflux), have lost hair as well and the front of my neck at both muscles at each side are influenced - maybe you have some answers now?? I really believe it is reflux..

Mickey, Community Member
2/11/10 3:31pm

At times when I have had high acid level in my stomach and intestinal tract, I have experienced a heavy, "rushing" feeling down my arms and a major swelling in my mid section. I have also experienced fuzzy vision which, has occasionally been accompanied by jagged, glittering objects, sort of like lightning, in both eyes. They start out small, gradually expand toward the edges of my eyes, and eventually go away. When this happens, I always eat something and drink juice, in case it is caused by low blood sugar. I've asked doctors about the jagged objects but haven't received any answers or directions. I would appreciate learning about any similar experiences.



LB, Community Member
3/11/10 8:23pm

your jagged lights are migraine and migraine doesn't always come with a headache.  That's what happens to me and I can feel a bit heavy headed for a couple of days after.  I lie down in the dark as soon as the lights appear and they pass in 20 - 30 minutes.

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