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Saturday, December 11, 2010 carolvk, Community Member, asks

Q: what over the counter product can I give my 7 yr old for acid reflux?

has complained of bubbles in her throast tummy ache and throat hurting. I know she has acid reflux. Just ate castup and drank pop. and chix nuggets. I gave her tums but wonder what else would work she weighs 50 pounds.
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Stephanie, Health Guide
12/11/10 9:33pm

We cannot suggest medication on this site. While we often will tell others what we take it is much more difficult to do with a child. There are different formulas for weight and age that we do not have. More importantly it is important that she is looked at to make sure it is indeed reflux (your description does fit many of the symptoms of reflux).



carolvk, Community Member
12/11/10 9:41pm

thank you for you response. I truely understand what you mean. I know in my heart it is what she has becuz she will get a hoarse voice at times and it dry tickly cough that lingers withit. She is a grazer when it comes to eatting and i think that is how she copes today I believe the offender was the catsup she had. She wont eat much now today now becuz she worked her self up from worrying. I gave her 2 tums and it has helped some she talks about bubbling in her throat. Appointment to dr this week.!

Stephanie, Health Guide
12/11/10 9:50pm

I'm glad you are doing your research before the doctor's appointment! My daughter and I both had issues more with the hoarseness, coughing and throat clearing more so than the classic reflux symptoms at least at first.


When you go - it would really help to have a list of the symptoms you are seeing. Despite my daughter's strong history of reflux when we went back in at 9 with a horrible cough we couldn't get rid of we wound up going through the gambit of asthma meds before I put her back on the reflux meds she had been when she was 4! Her pediatrician agreed it made sense but with no outward classic symptoms she had assumed asthma.


Also, it would be good to read up on the preventive things because I'm sure your pediatrician will suggest many of those. If you know what they are already you'll be able to tell her what you've tried.


Lastly, I would suggest reading up on the medication options. When my daughter was a baby H2 blockers were the first choice. By the time my littlest was a baby most were going straight to Proton Pump Inhibitors. Now though there is more concern about the long term use of the PPIs and dependency.  This isn't in the pediatric literature as much as the adult though so pediatricians aren't as aware in general.


I hope I'm not inundating you with too much information! I hope it helps you have a good productive appt at the doctors! Best of Luck - Stephanie



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