• Caligirl Caligirl
    October 02, 2008
    False positive THC urine test from Protonix?
    Caligirl Caligirl
    October 02, 2008

    I am freaking out! I am a professional and just got a great job and moved 1500 miles to start it. I go in to take a urine drug screen and it comes back positive for THC (marijuana). Problem is that I don't use it, haven't been around any one that has and the level at which it was found on the second test indicates chronic daily usage. Then I started to do some research on line. I see a few people having the same concern about Protonix. I don't know where to go from here. I will be fired if I have another positive drug test and I feel helpless to control the results, even though I control my personal behavior. I am currently taking 40mg Protonix in the morning and again at night and have done so for several years due to stomach ulcers and GERD. I also take 200mg Buprorion SR (Wellbutrin) daily and sometimes take Ibuprofen for pain. Can anyone advise me? Thanks.



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  • TracyPharmD April 20, 2009
    April 20, 2009
    Yes, proton pump inhibitors, including protonix can cause a false postive for THC.  NSAIDS (including ibuprofen) actually can cause a false positive as well.  One thing to also be concerned about, is that wellbutrin can cause a false positive for amphetamines.  I hope you find this helpful. READ MORE
  • Texasyella September 10, 2009
    September 10, 2009

    I am sure you have gotten many replies regarding your question.  But the answer to your question is yes.  I recently took a urine test which came back positive for marijuana.  The doctor questioned of me regarding my meds, I mentioned one of meds being Protonix.  The doctor never suggested retesting.  Of course, I did not get the job but I have been quite insulted and feel somewhat violated.  I am not a junkie!



  • darnitanyways August 24, 2009
    August 24, 2009

    Hey, I just had this exact same thing happen to me, stress that the testers send it the toxology lab and have it tested immediately.  I saved my job by this and the fact that our testers did not know anything about protonix until I did the research myself.


    MY UA sample was sent out and the thc reading was a false positive.  When they first said that I tested positive for thc, I freaked, knowing that I hadn't smoked pot in over two and a half years.


    Should this happen to you again, have them send out the specimen and let them know that you are on protonix, it would also help if you always had a doctors report showing that this could happen..

    • help me!
      August 06, 2010
      help me!
      August 06, 2010

      Help I was drug tested at my dr. office and came up positive for THC knowing that I do not smoke I happily signed the paper to send the specimen to a company called Ameritox.  When I went back next month they told me I tested positive for THC I in the meantime being a professional was concerened to why the intial came back positive and found that Protonix which I take 40mg 2xday will test positive. The dr. office neglected to write it on the paper work when they sent it to the lab as well as other medications Zofran, Carafate and Reglan to controll my pancreatits (Which I was in the hopital 3 times in less than a month and a half totaling 21 days which they pumped me full of Zofran every 8hrs, reglan 4xday and protonix 3xday).  when I showed to dr. the drug info sheet which states to let lab personell know if you are taking this med she said "I never heard of this I call the lab"  when she returned she told me they cross referenced it and there is no way.  And told me they will no longer treat me and that I am discharged and wouldn't even speak to me.  what do I do now?  I know I don't smoke and do not want it to come back to haunt me.

    • scott
      April 03, 2012
      April 03, 2012

      I run a drug testing office: Protonix May cause a "false" positive for THC. However, the simple answer is: 

      The false positive is on an initial instant SCREEN. The Confirmation test should then be done automatically-in order to "confirm" results. The Confirmation test is done by GC/MS ( a very precise and legal) way to confirm the results. This testing method will verify if it is in fact THC. If it is from Protonix then the confirmation test should be NEGATIVE. Moral of the story: Demand to have GC/MS Confirmation test- that is the legal standard. 

    • Dr. Sonny
      August 27, 2012
      Dr. Sonny
      August 27, 2012

      You are misinformed the GCMS test is not available only for University testing of other substances not illegal drugs. also the GCMS unit has been admittedly unreliable by the inventor. Also you need at least a masters degree to be certified to operate the unit. Most labs have scientists with a 4 year degree and they supervise the techs in the lab. Do more research before you make statements that can affect someone severely. thats the problem today no body really cares and will not take responsibility for their actions when they screw up.

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  • sbolenbaugh February 05, 2010
    February 05, 2010

    i understand, im a US ARMY VET,,,, and i been comming up pos... for THC....

    i researched it and here are some links (quite a few) that shows Protonix causes False Positives THC results


    can protonix cause thc test positive - Google Search

    LTCBulletinSummer_2008.pdf (application/pdf Object)

    RxList - The Internet Drug Index for prescription drugs and medications

    Protonix - The Internet Drug Database

    Acid Reflux - False positive THC urine test from Protonix?

    PROTONIX TABLETS (Pantoprazole) drug information from MPR

    Protonix Oral : Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings & Dosing - WebMD

    WikiAnswers - Can protonix cause a false positive for THC on 10 panel confirmation drug screen test

  • pg
    June 13, 2009
    June 13, 2009

    I too am on Protonix and tested positive  twice for thc by the hospital that admited me. After telling the DR. that I dadn't used marajuna since the 70's I demaned to see the head of the lab to review their procedures for testing. The lab super said he would send the sample out for retesting. He returned shortly later and informed me that he had called the reagent manufacturer and was surprized to learn that "false positives" are the results of ones use of Protonix. Hope this helps.

    • JS108
      May 14, 2014
      May 14, 2014

      I have failed drugs screens almost every time. At first I was baffled. Then I got angry and started questioning. My doctor informed me that Protonix is a proton pump inhibitor that will read on a toxicology screening as THC-OH, and THC-COOH. Now I just have whomever is testing to call my doctor.

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  • johanna December 13, 2009
    December 13, 2009

    There are lists of medications online at http://deltabravo.net/custody/drugtest.php


    Protonix and ppi's are on that list for causing false positives on that list. Medications we are prescribed every day and over the counter meds are on that list as well.

  • drifter November 07, 2009
    November 07, 2009

    i once had the same thing happen but i called the dr who prescribed it and they called my workplace and verified that it does show up a thc in urine test but not blood test


  • garylynn52 December 18, 2010
    December 18, 2010

    i   took  a  drug  test  to  go  to  a   pain   management   clinic   and  i  was  rejected  from  the  pain    clinic   because   i  tested    positive   for  thc.  i    freaked   out   because  i   don,t   smoke   marijuana   or    none   of   my  friends   do .  i  went  to  the   lab   where  tested   ans  was  upset   over  this  .  i  ask  them  how   i  tested   posive   for  thc   and   they  ask   me   if   i  took   protonix.  i take   protonix  or  should   i say   i  did.  i  stopped  takking  protonix to  see  if   my   drug   results  changed..   i  also  asl   my   pharamist  and  thet    looked   it   up  and   to  there   ssprise    any   proton   pump  inhibitor   can   cause   you  to  test    positve   for   thc.   thank   gary

  • purplcrusr August 30, 2015
    August 30, 2015
    Show your boss the prescription...and the fact sheet that comes with it if you have it. It states that a false thc positive can happen,. You should be good after that I would think. They should have inquired about your prescriptions when you took the urinalysis....hmmm. Hope this helps, have an awesome day READ MORE
  • stuckinthesouth July 26, 2013
    July 26, 2013

    If you are prone to ulcers and gerd you absolutely should never take ibuprofen. I am searching for a cheaper alternative to nexium, which i think works the best, but can no longer pay the outrageous price of it. Calling pharmacy tomorrow to check generic availability of ilaprazole (noltec) and dexlansoprazole (kapidex), about the only 2 i haven't ever used. I want to try protonix because it is available generic but cannot risk dealing with employer on it. They test 1-3 times a month! Not me specifically, but ‘supposedly' random groups.

  • Kathy December 13, 2012
    December 13, 2012

    I am currently experiencing the same problem...my urine test came back positive for THC and i was kicked out of the pain clinic i went to.  I have been taking protonix for about a year.  I don't use cannabis, but i saw online that the Protonix website even admitted that it could cause false positives!

  • cindy November 21, 2011
    November 21, 2011

    It has to be Protonix. I just had a false positive at my pain clinic. I was recently hospitalized with gastoenteritis. I was given Protonix in the hospital and given a script for home. My test came back positive and that it what it has to be since I have NOT smoked anything and have NOT even been around anyone in months that even smokes it!

  • sam
    August 06, 2011
    August 06, 2011

    Happened to me on Protonix! False positive for THC and methamphetamine. Great Huh! Dr. nor pharmacist had no clue....lovely. I had to google it. Stopped taking Protonix ASAP which sucked because it really was the only Rx that had worked for my reflux.

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