• Melinda Melinda
    June 12, 2008
    Pain in the left side of neck, arm, and chest?
    Melinda Melinda
    June 12, 2008

    I have been experiencing severe pain in my chest and left arm for approximately a month now. This has led me to the emergency room twice, once by ambulance, and I have had two stays in the hospital. My symptoms are a build up of pain in the middle of my chest that moves to my left arm. It is so severe that I cannot even move that arm. I also have clammy sweat and severe nausea. They ran all sorts of tests on my heart at the hospital and I had an angio cat. Everything with my heart is fine.

    After just being released from the hospital with no answers, I am still having the pain. It doesn't matter whether I eat or not, but it is especially bad when I lie down. I cannot sleep, and when I do am awakened by the pain. It is coming more frequently now. I have tried antacids, but they are not working. Please give me some answers, or at least a direction I can tell my doctor to go in.





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