• John G. September 15, 2008
    John G.
    September 15, 2008

    Thanks for your question. As it says in this overview, acid reflux is when stomach acid moves out of the stomach and up the esophagus. So acid reflux does not directly cause back pain, though it may sometimes cause it indirectly. For example, one of the symptoms of acid reflux can sometimes be coughing. The act of coughing can sometimes cause one to tweak their back, causing back pain. So while stomach acid is not causing the back pain, the effects of it escaping are. Hopefully this makes sense and answers your question.

  • Anesa89 August 09, 2016
    August 09, 2016
    Yes it can cause . I started having a back upper pain couple years ago and I thought it is just my muscles until a few weeks ago , while I was under lifechanging stress, I started having a bad cramping under my stomach , which took me to ER. At ER they did all tests and everything was fine but the pain was still present . They gave me hydrocodone for a pain which made my stomach to feel worst , and I started having upper stomach pain , it was that bad that I wish I was dead. Pain never stopped , i couldnt eat n lost 8 lb in 5 days. I was bloaded , my upper stomach was swealling. Went to see my doctor and she gave me Omeprazole (1x every day early morning before eating), and IBGUARD pepermint oil capsules ( they are expensive but worth it of money, 3x per day one hour before eating). I started feeling better . Sometimes will pass days and i would not have any pain at all until I eat sometimes that aggrovates my stomach so having balanced diet is SO IMPORTANT. I would have mint tea with meals with a meals, ginger tea helps a lot too. My diet included: 2 eggs, 1/2 plain bagel, kefir plain, squash, carrots( all cooked), only one banana per day, applesouce helps alot, apples, plain unsweetned crackers( no buttermilk, grapes, pepers, tomatoes, spicy food, or salted, no sweets at all ( it will make yoi feel worst), chicken only broiled or fish baked in oven , nothing fried. I put turmeric on my chicken( turmeric helps a lot too), i eat one slice of bread with sour cream, and i can have pure natural honey only in tea. Buy a propolis natural and have a few drops in the morning before eating will help . Overall medicine with this diet will help you but food plays a main roll. Medicine wont help at all if not having balanced food. Eat 6 times per day but have baby portions. Good luck and so far this is my list of food I discovered that wont upset my stomach . READ MORE
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