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Thursday, June 04, 2009 Karen B, Community Member, asks

Q: Tightness in throat, gagging sometimes vomiting

fI have been experiencin the feeling of tightness in throat, gagging, of something caught in throat, sometimes leading to vomiting.  Not nausea, some gassiness/burping.  What might these symptons indicate?

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Stephanie, Health Guide
6/ 4/09 7:20pm

Have you seen a doctor or tried any treatments for this? Do you notice that it happens at specific times or after certain foods? These are all things to discuss with your doctor and if you are able to keep track of it before you go it will help her diagnose the problem.

aafgra, Community Member
7/30/09 10:48am

i've been experiencing the same symptoms now for a few weeks. i believe it first started a week after my girlfriend came back from a trip to vietnam, i thought it was some kind of parasite and started taking enzymes and an herbal pill called parashield. the feeling caught in my throat went away for about a week then i forgot to take the pills completely one day and now they dont help at all anymore. the feeling comes regardless of what i eat, it's almost like something crawling up my throat and im constantly on the verge of gagging. i've experienced heartburn only a handful of times in my life and i'd gladly trade it for this.

Stephanie, Health Guide
7/30/09 4:15pm

Does your girlfriend have similar symptoms? If I were you I'd be heading to a doctor ASAP and would probably be hoping for reflux Surprised Granted they always say when you hear hooves think horses not zebras so chances are good you are looking at something more benign than the parasites but I definitely think you should get it checked and make sure you bring up your concern about parasites.


Good Luck - Stephanie

JasonZ, Community Member
9/ 1/09 5:50pm

I have the exact same symptoms--have been diagnosed with acid reflux prior--after scope down the neck--took mega doses of ozop (prilosec) and zantac for a week and it went away. how long has it lasted for you?











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