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Wednesday, May 26, 2010 UCFGRAD, Community Member, asks

Q: Acid Reflux, Hiatal Hernia, and extreme exhaustion... dizziness, etc. What gives?

This is amazing. I have been reading different posts and questions about acid relfux. What I am dealing with is just about every symptom mentioned! Some days I feel great, others are a complete mystery. Extreme fatigue is when I sit for hours with my eyes shut, not be asleep and have no energy to even communicate. Then slowly come back and realize I've been a zombie. Pain in the sternum, can't wear a loose fitted sports bra most of the time. Feel like my circulation is slowly getting cut off. Which I need to read more about the Vagus nerve I think. Get weak and lightheaded. Have been to ER only to hear that I am "perfectly healthy." I have anxiety because of it. I know how to live with the anxiety now. I never panic, even when I think I am going to slip out of consciousness and die. That happens at least once a week. I have just come to accept that if I do actually die, I did everything I could to try and prevent it. As for today I am feeling great, and as for tonight... we will see. I have had several EKG's and they all come back perfect. My blood work is always perfect. Although my cholesterol was high a few months back for no explainable reason. I eat super healthy, and drink only water... except the a.m coffee. Pulmonary test came back great. Urinalysis came back great. I had an upper GI and was finally diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. Who knows how long that's been there?? But that explains the acid reflux issues and chest pain.  My concern is that I am missing the right test to find the root of these other problems. The dizziness, the extreme exhaustion, heart palps, feeling like my circulation is being cut off, can't sleep on my left side, shortness of breath, exercise intolerance, heat intolerance, sometimes moody and irritable when I am in pain or uncomfortable. And these aren't a problem every day. It isn't consistent. I can have a few symptoms one day and a few other symptoms on another day. I even workout sometimes with no problems. I've been on Prilosec 20 mg since last October... and took myself off a few random times simply because I am worried it may cause stomach cancer(studies have proven long term use can), but what's ironic is that stomach acid can cause Barrett's syndrome and esophageal cancer... so what's the better of the two evils? I can't even play with my little nephew because I am exhausted after a few good laughs while sitting on the floor! It's completely crazy. My physician is really wonderful and she's trying her best to troubleshoot this. It was her idea to get a PFT, 24hr Urine, Upper GI, EKG, and a holter monitor(which I haven't done yet)  - I should insert here that I pay for basic BCBS GoBlue healthcare and most of these expenses have still been out-of-pocket, so my heart goes out to anyone troubleshooting out-of-pocket, it's expensive-  So, i'm going to visit a gastroenterologist and get a complete GI and colonoscopy. I used to be so on top of things! I have a 4 yr degree but too exhausted to get a real job bc my body isn't reliable. It's hit or miss. And I once charged down a path to discover the root of these issues, but now I am just too tired to care most of the time. I am going to try the yogurt before bed and see how that works. The only thing that helps is sitting still and resting until it passes, but that's not always an option. I have trouble sleeping every night too. Sleep at an incline but that doesn't usually help. I'm going to keep checking this site for more ideas. I am definitely thinking this may be an intestinal/digestive issue. Reading about Candida now and it correlates with some of the other posted symptoms as well. Also, I have been adding a little seltzer water to my regular water and it had done wonders on uplifting my fatigue. And help me relax before bed... how weird is that. But it feels good after burping(sorry) and I actually feel a bit of relief and relaxed. That's partly why I think this could all be intestinal/gas related issues. Anyway, Good luck to all, and I'll keep you posted on any leads. So, if you have any input? It's greatly appreciated =)

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Stephanie, Health Guide
5/27/10 11:55pm

I'm glad you have a great doctor who is looking into all of this for you. It is very possible that you have more than one issue going on. There is often overlap of symptoms in different conditions. For example, some of your fatigue, palpitations etc are symptoms that can be found in mitral valve prolapse syndrome or chronic fatigue or could be related to diet or it could be.......


I have MVP and my cardiologist tells me to salt everything I eat in order to keep my blood volume up. Before I knew that I tried to eat healthy and not salt foods but now I know that for my body it's important to salt my veggies :) Before I was diagnosed with my MVP, I had no idea why some days I had plenty of energy and others it was a chore going up my steps. Fortunately for me I had a doctor who couldn't hear my heart murmur but was pretty sure of my diagnosis just based on my symptoms. So, keep looking for your answer!


I wish you luck finding an answer!!!



Tidwellian, Community Member
5/31/10 12:01am

I was so excited when I read your post because I have all the same symptoms. Then I was sad to see no one had answered.   Everything is just as you said except I cannot sleep on my "right" side.  I've worried I have cancer as well.  At first I was diagnosed with aB12 deficiency and I began giving myself monthly shots.  I thought this would fix me but only helped w/the fatigue.  I also eat very healthy and drink only water as well.  I have slept sitting up for years.  What I've done to try to help is go on a Celiac diet, it hasn't made a big difference except when I gave the diet up for a day and ate pizza and thought I would die for 2 days from the cramps and nausea so maybe it's doing more than I realized.  Because I haven't had much sugar for years whenever I eat it I get a buzz just like being drunk.  Recently I've been under a lot of stress and I discovered caramels.  I hadn't had any candy in years.  What I discovered was that the sugar made the "short of breath" feeling worse.  And when I stopped eating carbs like grains and sugars, after 3 days I began to feel better. I'm eating mostly veggies, not much meat, and Gluten Free Oats & Rice are my only grains.  Also another factor I've found that helps is fluids.  When I drink water (or tomato Juice) and lick salt my blood volume increases and I feel better and my heart palpitations aren't as bad.  When I get dehydrated I feel weak, dizzy and get a knot in my stomach if I stand too long.  When I'm hydrated I can feel normal.  So a doctor diagnosed me as P.O.T.S  - Positional Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome but the only thing you can really do is drink water, eat salt, and wear compression stockings.  The bummer is the salt isn't good for the kidneys, I've recently started having trouble with my urine flow not as strong.  I to have normal days and then days I think I'm going to die, I hate feeling so fragile.  I'm also having some issues with swallowing, pain in my throat and singing which was how I was making my living, but now my lungs won't work and my vocal chords are not behaving normally.  I once had someone say I had mitral valve but a cardiologist said no from my echo test.  I'm at a loss and so tired of this!  This has been going on for years! 

UCFGRAD, Community Member
5/31/10 10:16am

Stephanie- Thank you so much for the prompt reply =) I agree it may be more than one condition.  I looked into MVP's after reading your reply and plan to wear the 24hr heart monitor. I have had a recent EKG come back perfect, but I wasn't having the symptoms at the time, so I'm not surprised. Maybe if I wear the monitor then do things that normally onset symptoms we may be able to catch it. My heart beats irregular sometimes, and there is this delay between the pumps like a lag or regurgitation or something. I can feel that it is beating inefficiently. It never beats fast or too slow... it just pumps so strong and forceful that I can feel it and see it, and it makes me lightheaded.  I can even feel it in my back when I sit against the wall. I randomly experiment and listen for my heart beat, or place my hand on my chest to feel for it. It pumps so smooth and quite that I can't feel it... and those are the time my blood pressure is perfect and I'm feeling great. So I recognize an extreme difference between normal beating and palpitations. But it's a terrifying feeling because I get the sensation of dying of heart failure. And I forgot to mention that while showering, when this happens, my lower legs (calves) get extremely stiff, swollen and painful. Which is bizarre because my calf muscles and legs are healthy, defined and actually my favorite part of my body? I'm in great shape other than I can't lose the lower abdominal weight for some reason. Just the lower part, it sticks to me and is normally bloated. And I have a healthy BMI. 5'4"- 130 lbs.  So I know belly fat is a health concern for women. I considered wearing the monitor before, but my concern is having a good 24hr period while wearing it. Then having to pay the bill and not catch it in the act. I am going to do it anyway now. And try your advice on the salt. I will start salting my veggies. I never salt anything. Basically my intake comes from whatever is already in the food. I appreciate that! Thanks so much for the info! =)


Tidwellian- It's bittersweet to hear you have similar symptoms. I know your struggle quite well. I recently have found tons of small little lumps under my skin all over my torso, on my abs, ribcage; it's something I will be investigating too. I have the same issues with food and sometimes I think this is all food related. Until it happens and I realized I haven't eaten in the past two hours or more.  It feels like something is failing during the digestive process, so then my heart reacts or my body gets drained. I'm going to try the Candida diet. Thanks for the advice on that. I have begun sprouting beans and seeds hoping that living foods will act as food medicine in the process of healing too. I react horribly to sugar, candy, starches and also eating large meals. Same problem everytime, extreme exhaustion and/or heart palps. Friday I had an awesome day. Worked from 5:30 am to 6:00 pm... gave special attention to taking excellent care of myself through right thinking, stress management, and eating healthy. It seemed to have worked. Then I came home, walked up the stairs. Started to feel tired. Got in the shower and as soon as I started washing my hair my heart became irregular and forceful. It felt like it was failing.  It was beating so forceful and was thudding. I honestly felt this was the moment I would actually have the heart attack. Since I have been dealing with that fear for over a year now, I did what I always do, remained calm as to not aggravate my fight or flight response. Reassured myself I am safe and a phone call away from 911. Rinsed off, dried off lightly... walked into my room and checked my blood pressure. It was 165/95 pulse 74. This of course was about 5 minutes after the attack, so it was higher I am sure. I sat back and monitored my blood pressure as it slowly dropped back to normal after 45 minutes. Normal is 109/76 pulse 61. So as I just mentioned I have purchased a blood pressure monitor. This is because I have random spikes in blood pressure, either brought on by food, a shower, standing too long or for no explainable reason at all. This was a day before I started my menstrual cycle. So maybe it was blood volume? I wonder if I should eat more iron and salt around my period. Or maybe it's an electrolyte issue? Who knows, but any light physical activity sets it off.  Although it's not every time! So i can't plan or predict it. It's just frequently. And reliably before I start my cycle. I was also under a lot of stress like you, and I wonder sometimes if I wore out my adrenal glands. In moments when I feel stressed or anxious I do sense a very similar sensation in my body.  A feeling of lightheadedness and short winded. Almost like I may pass out.  Despite my efforts to make the symptoms pass it will usually continue throughout the remainder of the day or until I can sit and relax for a few hours. But sometimes I wonder if the anxiety is onset by the actual problem. It feels like my heart is too sensitive or weak, and can't handle stress. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? But I can assure you I was thinking about something funny when I had that onset in the shower, so I know it wasn't evoked from anxiety. I continually think in the "now"... refuse to entertain negative thoughts or ideas and try to laugh as much as possible. Read something funny every day, or try to make someone laugh. The goal is t produce "happy" hormones and body chemistry. This may not fix the problem, but it certainly can't hurt it. Although I feel I may be taking too much responsibility for an organ failure issue that isn't my fault. I understand exactly what you mean by feeling fragile. It's one day at a time, and we troubleshoot to get through it right?  Oh, I've also started taking calcium with vitamin D and magnesium. I eat a half of a banana with it. I figure it couldn't hurt if this is an electrolyte issue. I think the salt was the missing link. Have you done the 24 hour heart rate monitor? I'm so sorry to hear it has affected your singing and livelihood! That is horrible. I love to sing too, I play the guitar. I have had to stop singing because I get winded and my throat gets very sore. I thought maybe it's a reflux issue from my hiatal hernia. I was told that the acid can send signals that affect your heart rhythms. I don't know. But hang in there and let's stay in touch please? I think we can learn from one another and I will post any progress and/or ideas that may help you as well. In the meantime take good care =)

Ernestine, Community Member
2/10/13 1:45am

What you described in the shower sounds like arrhythmia.  I have had that several times and am on medication for it.  It is very strange that we all have so many of the same symptoms.  It is also frustrating not to be able to get a solid diagnosis and treatment.  I think we may as well get used to that.  About half the heath problems in this country, or more, are caused by chemicals in my opinion.  In the water, in the soil, in the air, in the cleaning stuff, etc, there is no end to it.  And no way to avoid most of it.  They have given us many things to make life easier and fun but I think it's killing us in the process.  I pray over everything I put in my mouth and I'm trying harder and harder to eat healthy.  Another thing that will aggravate the hernia, by the way, and GERD, is water that is unfiltered.  I proved that to myself.  The chemicals they put in it definitely make symptoms worse!!!!  

Annie S, Community Member
6/ 4/10 12:12pm

You need a second opinion from a gastroentenologist.

UCFGRAD, Community Member
6/ 7/10 6:48am

thank you Annie. That's prob the best next move to make, now that I've been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia via fluoroscopy. Maybe get an endoscopy and see if there's erosion. Thanks again for the reply, I'm going to schd an apt. =)

UCFGRAD, Community Member
6/ 7/10 6:48am

thank you Annie. That's prob the best next move to make, now that I've been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia via fluoroscopy. Maybe get an endoscopy and see if there's erosion. Thanks again for the reply, I'm going to schd an apt. =)

Terri, Community Member
2/16/11 12:35pm

Blimey I thought I was reading about myself ! I have had all your symptoms thought had a heart attack had an ambulance last july but no I hadnot, I have given up wine and all alcohol  seven months now, lost a stone in weight that helped but still have chest pains I take liquid antiacids that helps but will try the seltzer (thanks for that ) One day is not like the next so its difficult for me to work, cannot sleep,hot cold, cannot win. Hope you are better I realise this is a late reply  2/16/11 Good luck from linda in UK.

Ernestine, Community Member
2/10/13 1:48am

Me too Linda!  God bless you.  I am praying for us all to find a cure, or at least something that will give us our life back.  

Viviana, Community Member
5/12/11 5:25pm

I am sorry you are feeling this way and I know exactly how you feel. I don't function most of the time. I have a hiatal hernia, but everything else comes back normal. I have in addition to the exhaustion, terrible pain in my muscles and intolerance to exercise. I can't eat anything  without feeling ill and extreme exhaustions follows. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia/ME/chronic fatigue. I have been shoved from one dr to another, done every test possible, yet every day I feel I am so weak I am going to die. I don't even care anymore. I used to go to the emergency room feeling terrible only to be told there is nothing wrong with me. I used to panic, now I feel it would be easier to slip away and I would welcome it. This is not a life. It's been going on for over 10 years and it got worse. I don't know what to do, where to go to find help. It's ironic I have been told I am very healthy. I think they have no idea what to look for. I wish every dr would walk a week in my shoes and then they would run to do research. I am not depressive, I don't need antidepressant, I get depressed because I get so ill and hardly anyone believes it. I cannot work, I can hardly go and get groceries. Had to give up having a relationship. There are thousands of posts like ours on the internet. Same symptoms same stories. I hope you find an answer to what is wrong with you. All I can do is send you a hug.

George, Community Member
1/30/12 12:33pm

I have the same symtomps and feelings

I have been to 7 different doctors and and got many tests and everything seems to be all right. I had a fluroscopy and was diaginsed with hatial hernia. But what bothers me the worst is the fatigue and feeling of not caring for the things I used to like to do.

Sick And Tried, Community Member
8/22/12 4:26pm

I Feel The Same Way Sick All The Time. I Don't Understand The Doctors Why Don't They Try Harder.I'm Still Waiting For An Answer.

Sick And Tried, Community Member
8/23/12 8:01am

I feel the same exact way. I did the same things with the doctors and got no there any updated. please help.

katjcam, Community Member
6/21/11 11:04pm

Wow, I would love to hear from you.  I have all the same symptoms you do.  Everytime I sit down and try to get up I am exhausted and have a hard time breathing and feel like my breathing and circulation is getting cut off.  I feel like I am going to die.  Plus I have a lot of heart arrythmias which I had before this but now are intensified!  Please email me so I can chat with someone.   Thanks!


lissa_100285, Community Member
8/11/11 7:58pm

I have just about those same symptoms. Shortness of breath, intense pressure in my chest, acid reflux, etc...i can't wear any pants that have any sort of elastic or even jeans...same with a bra...I feel like I can't breathe and I am constantly gasping for air. My back burns with pain and tightness evry day and I am always exhausted. I have been to a few doctors and keep being told there is nothing wrong with me. I strongly believe it is a hiatal hernia, but no one has ordered any tests yet to see if that's what it is. I can't live like this anymore, nothing about life is enjoyable when you feel miserable 100% of the time. If anyone has advice, I welcome it.

Soso, Community Member
8/23/11 11:08pm

So many of you have the symptoms I have or have had and I was diagnosed with Chronic Myofascia and Fibromaylgia. It took me two years to find treatment as there is no cure. I have had 20 trigger injections every three weeks, massage therapy and accupunture. This can effect your whole body. Look it up on the internet.

Yojoe23, Community Member
3/ 4/12 9:24am
hello, I have experienced most of the symptoms u guys have mentioned here on the thread. Been to the ER several times. Had an EKG, stress test, and a coronary CT scan with a cholesterol score that came back as zero (that means there was no plaque detectable in any of my arteries). yay, I don't have a true heart problem. BUT, I was diagnosed with a small hiatal hernia (2cm) about 1.5 years ago. It has wreaked utter havoc on my life. When I began experiencing POTS like symptoms a few months ago it got to a point where I couldn't function reliably on a daily basis. I was trying different PPIs and other reflux meds but kept feeling so ill. I also noticed that my potassium was low every time I went to the ER as well. So, i've begun drinking tons of Gatorade, eating some saltier meals (ramen noodles have tons), and changed to a homeopathic remedy for reflux ( apple cider vinegar w/mother from braggs and honey). Part of my problem was realizing I had a possible allergy with med pills using a filler called magnesium stearate. I have felt better overall in the last month but still have bad moments and days with it. I can't get past the idea that this really could all stem from the hiatal hernia I have which was potentially created from stress/anxiety initially. There's not much info on POTs out there and if u get a doc who's knowledgeable on it (my cardio guy has studied it) your very lucky. Hopefully someone else here can expound on the POTs/hiatal hernia connection as I truly believe there's some substance to it relating to our problems. --JF Reply
Yojoe23, Community Member
3/ 4/12 10:26am
Just to add a bit on why I think the hiatal hernia is truly responsible for my POTS symptoms. Around thanksgiving of last year I started having trouble eating regularly and began to lose weight RAPIDLY. I ended up losing almost 30 pounds in just over 2.5 months. Along with reflux I had every heart attack symptom imaginable and became intolerant to doing much of anything including exercise. After noticing that my electrolyte levels could be playing a role in this I began my regimen to elevate them. It has worked to definitely minimize symptoms but I still get short of breath and indigestion just sitting at my desk upright for a bit (which could be from POTS or the HH obstructing my airway). If I'm reclined on the sofa or elsewhere it's better but if I sit up to watch a movie, or play a game after a short while I'll get fidgety and my tummy will start bothering me. I wouldn't wish this condition on anyone as it can become so debilitating and yet you go out into the world and just about everyone thinks your fine (including the docs in most cases). I'd love to hear someone reply who has had their HH repaired and how they have fared with these symptoms afterwards. I'm betting on that if the procedure went well for them that these kinds of problems aren't a problem for them anymore. HH is called "The great mimic" and very well has symptoms that could masquerade as POTS in nature. Anyone who's had a Nissen Fundoplication please comment on how it has affected these kinds of symptoms afterwards. Reply
winterisbetr, Community Member
4/22/12 8:01pm

oh lord i cant beleive what i am hearing everyone has the same symptoms i have i have been diagnosed with a small hh 2.5 cm but my symptoms are larger than  ever i had a barium swallow and endoscopy i finally get to go see a surgeon on 26th thank god hopefully he can help me i am tiired of feeling like im dying all the time i even feel it in my legs from time to time from the pressure that feels like it radiates throughout my hole body it is exhausting! sometimes i dont  even want to talk because the pain in my throat ooowwwweeee!!any who i will let you all know how my appt. goes hopefully i will be in surgery sooner than later in way to much pain to be in for a life time i just want to breath!!lol hope you all feel better soon wishing everyone the best!!


northernlites, Community Member
8/28/12 10:05am

Amazing how we all suffer like this and yet no doctor seems to have any knowledge on how to treat. I have been researching on my own and given up on doctor's. So far I have found pots, gerd and panic attacks because the vagal nerve is triggered by the acid which rises up. If i stand too long, become overheated by a shower I have an attack. I have stopped coffee, cola drinks, chocolate and fatty foods and started salty stuff like ramen noodles, ginerale (schweppes) and will be doing gatorade plus toast. So far has helped. Have doc appt today will be discussing my findings and asking for anxiety medicine plus heartburn medicine. Who knows where this will go but if the doctors won't help then i will have to help myself. Tired of missing time from work, having to get up at 3:30 am and feeling like I am going to drop on the floor cause I slept on the wrong side and listening to the gurgling and bubbling as I stand. Compounded with the attacks which leave me exhausted, scared and feeling as though I am going to die. One attack left me feeling detached from my body and my arm flopping uncontrobally on the table. Have been told have an arrythmia but nothing to worry about. hah=hah ok whatever. cause it's not you right. would love to talk with others about their symptoms and what you are doing


healthyFNPmom, Community Member
1/ 7/13 10:05am

Although I am so sorry that so many suffer from these symptoms, I have to tell you hoe reassuring it is.  I am one of you with the exact same symptoms.  I have a hiatal hernia as well- diagnosed through EGD several years ago but never made the connection.  I was finally hospitalized for a few days a year ago because I thought I was surely going to die.  I was put on several anti-anxiety meds, giveb PT and OT, told I was having panic attacks (because my heart would race and I couldn't breathe)), and also told that there was absolutely nothing physiologically wrong.  My bloodwork, EKG, vital signs, physical assessments, etc. all came back normally.  I have had a decent year, but recently, my symptoms are returning and I hate the unpredictable day to day struggle.  I am a health care provider and hope I can provide some insight (for myself and for others).  Dizziness during and after eating can be caused by compression of certain blood vessels and, rarely, of portions of the heart itself (depending on the severity of the hernia).  This happens because the opening must dilate to let food through, but the hernia sac enlarges above the diaphragm, causing pressure.  I do not have frequent heartburn, but have all the other symptoms.  Here is what my research has revealed (of course surgical treatment is also an option):

  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals, instead of larger meals
  • Don't eat for at least two hours before bedtime
  • Sit up for at least one hour after eating
  • Don't bend over right after eating
  • Avoid foods that can trigger heartburn (acid reflux) symptoms
  • Avoid alcohol

Here is a link to foods to avoid:


Here is one more link with good info:


Some research also suggests naturally rebuilding the body's autoimmune system through supplements, by avoiding gluten, and by eating whole, organic foods with no artificial sweeteners or additives, GMOs, etc.




Kath, Community Member
1/29/13 10:59am

Your heart palpitations are definitely related to your hiatal hernia.  Do some researcy on this re: vagus nerve, hiatal hernia, palpitations. You will be amazed how much trouble this hernia can cause!

Ernestine, Community Member
2/10/13 1:35am

I am in a flare up right now and desperately searching internet for help.  I am going to try turmeric caps for gas, because it also helps inflammation and I have a lot of joint pain.  I am also going to try aloe vera - some claim almost miracle results for GI problems.  I have fibromyalgia and have been laying all the fatigue on that and the narcolepsy I have, but what if some of it is hernia related?  I am also having spasms of the esophagus, which causes unreal chest pain.  These was all started by back to back antibiotics, two rounds.  It was made worse by nystatin swish and swallow for yeast infection in mouth and the hernia and esophagus both inflamed.  It feels like I am raw all the way down to the stomach.  Short of breath, walking across the floor in one room gives me chest pain and s.o.b.  Hope you get some help!!!!  Hang in there.  

page, Community Member
7/29/13 11:14am

Okay, I am going to go out on a limb here in hopes that what has been my issue might be someone else's. I spent years going to every doctor and specialist to try and figure out what was causing my crazy symptoms. I had horrible GERD, light headedness, joint pain and swelling, hives, nausea, sore throat, etc. After years of trying everything I decided to give up corn and all my symptoms dissapeared! When I say, "give up corn" I mean that I no longer was able to eat meats that had been on a corn diet, anything with corn bi-products and went off ALL medicines (most all have corn fillers). I have to eat organic fruits, meats and vegetables and can only take the occasional tylenol (no advil,etc). Recently, money got tight and I decided to forgoe Whole Foods and Farmers Markets and shop at Target for a few weeks. I have felt miserable for the last week and have to go back to my organic way of life. Now, I can occasionally have some corn chips, etc. but I cant let it build up in my system or else I feel miserable. Hopefully this will help someone else too. Our entire food system is built around corn and its litterally making us sick!

John, Community Member
9/29/13 9:24am

I'm 19 years old, have the exact same problem you do. I went to the e.r. thinking I am going to die, all the same symptoms your explaining, and it is on and off for me as well. One of the side effects of Prilosec is dizziness I do believe. I have a hiatal hernia however which is caused by acid reflex. My diaphram is below my stomach. Maybe you have the same condition. Hope this helped.



armando, Community Member
10/10/13 5:06pm

So i've been reading all of  the conversations on acid reflux and most of the comments and I too have been dealing with the same symptoms. I've been taken to the ER many times and all test have come back normal, so I understand what yall are going through. But i was just curious if anyone has heard or tried the drink called AloeCure, I've been doing some research and have also seen it advertised on TV. Any suggestions on this product, thinking about talking to my doctor about it!

RLC, Community Member
11/ 7/13 12:27pm

this sounds like me. i have a hernia also but i have just been diagnosed with POTS .look it up cause its hard to explain. The way I was diagnosed was i started noticing my heart rate would increase 20-30 beats when i stood up. when i sat down my heart rate would drop back down . i also had a 24 hr halter monitor done which showed my heart rate being anywhere frim 60 to 148 go in for a tilt table and echo monday. but my cardilogist says he is sure its pots. At the very least go to walmart pharmacy section and buy a pulse oximeter ,its $38 Go home and check your heart rate with it when sitting standing and laying down if you see a big change go to your doctor with a printout of the syndrome POTS vanderbuilt has a good article , my doctor had never heard of it. let me know  

Marymac, Community Member
11/22/13 8:37am

I can't believe how my symptoms match so many of you, i'm actually quite stunned. I have been having recurring problems for so long and i've got to the stage i feel i'll never get help or answers. I have heartburn and chest pain and my throat hurts. The pain goes through to my back. I get palpatations when i bend and when i cough, also doing other things but i notice these ones more. I get so breathless and i often feel exhausted and dizzy or light headed. Does anyone ever get a sore arm too ? mine is so sore and feels irritated, it's difficult to explain the sensation. I feel as if i have every symptom imaginable and it's so frustrating not to get answers. I notice the common symptoms but nobody has really mentioned the arm soreness, can anybody shed any light on this ?


Hannahseekinganswers, Community Member
1/ 5/14 4:30pm
I have been having the same symptoms most of you have been having or at least from the original post. I have bad indigestion and te doctor thought it might be GERD so she put me on anti acids. I feel sick but it helps a lot when I burp for some strange reason. Now the past few days I've felt really weak and felt very light headed. After feeling like I'm going to pass out I have been getting the chills really bad. There hasn't been a fever with it though. I am desperately seeking answers I am only 20 years old and it being the weekend I can't get ahold of my primary doctor. I'm very nervous and scarred. PLEASE HELP! Reply
Greg, Community Member
1/15/14 12:28pm
Has anyone checked their thyroid for dizzyness and fatigue,just a thought. Greg Reply
Doug, Community Member
5/30/14 11:41am

Check for Lyme disease also. You may have hiatal hernia and lyme. Sounds like problems I have had. Just got cleared of lyme but some residual spasms, palps are lurking in the backgroud. Best place for lyme analysis is to have your dr. send blood samples to IGENEX in Palo Alto Ca for state of the art analysis.



marcus, Community Member
6/ 3/14 12:08am



Im sorry to hear that u are going threw most the same things that i am. Same as u i have had all of the above test done including and eco cardio and found nothing. Also found to have a hiatal hernia to. Candida has been a serious thought of mine to look into,but finding a doctor educated on this condition has been hard. But that is my next direction to look. I hope u find some answers very soon and find your way to recovery and good health.


Arlington tx

Darlene, Community Member
6/ 9/14 8:27pm
There are some chiropractors that can manipulate hernia and does offer relief. They can actually pull stomach out ! It eventually slips back. If u can find dr that can do this everyday it will eventually stay out. There is something called "gastrex" by standard process that is good for reflux. Also I read that you can drink pint of warm water in am - the warm water is supposed to loosen hernia - then stand on toes - then suddenly drop on your heels - it can work back out. Repeat several times. I have been trying that but only second day. Good luck to all. I have had all symptoms too - extreme exhaustion etc. Reply
Jamie, Community Member
6/18/14 9:41am

I find this post very intersting, and I have finally discovered that I also have a HH. I have had a lot of heart palpitations; especially with eating, but I could not make the connection between the "gut" and the "heart."  THe other problem that I have had include extreme bloating, constipation, and worsening of heart palpitations when bloated.  I believe that The Protonix that I was left on for several years only added to this problem, and caused food to rot in my gut, from lack of acid caused by the "proton pump inhibitors."  This in turn caused "SIBO" (small intetinal bowel overgrowth; and of the candidal variety).  THe SIBO caused further bloating and strain on the existing HH and "lower esophageal sphincter."  I think that one problem worsened and complicated the other.  I have gotten off of the protonix and the symptoms of bloating, and constipation (and even stomach pain) have greatly improved.  Because of the issue with the protonix eliminating my acid production for so long, the sphincter does not close properly, and I had to commence vitamin b12 injections (not absorbed in the stomach).  I am now very open to trying to find a good practicioner who performs the manipulation technique described above, and believe that if this issue is better resolved in this manner than through surgery.  I am a little concerned about the cardiac aspect, and the fact that the hernia is so close to the Aorta.  I believe if the HH is resolved, that the palpitations will also resolve.  I am amazed at how much the gut has been connected to my cardiac symptoms all of this time.  I am also disgusted at how many times people are wrongly put on proton pump inhibitors, when they don't need them.  Dr. David Brownstein (well known DOctor/Author) stated that 90 pct of patients who have reflux are actually low in stomach acid, and that placing these patients on Proton Pump Inhibitors causes further problems; such as poor digestion, SIBO, and leaky gut syndrome.  I am convinced that these factors can also worsen a HH.  

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