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Wednesday, July 01, 2009 wildcatgreen, Community Member, asks

Q: Bananas and Acid Reflux?

I have either a hiatal hernia or GERD, and I've noticed whenever I eat bananas, they seem to trigger heartburn, and that acidy taste in the mouth. Is there a reason for this? Every site I've looked at says bananas should help.

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Stephanie, Health Guide
7/ 1/09 4:54pm

I have the exact same problem with bananas as does my sister. I actually had issues with them before I had significant reflux issues. The riper the banana the less of an issue it is for me though unfortunately I prefer them less ripe. I've just stopped eating them.

trikatu, Community Member
12/31/09 3:38am

I have the same thing: a banana, eaten with oatmeal at the start of the day, seems to give me a sour stomach and reflux all day. This does seem peculiar though, as bananas are alkaline and thus supposed to help against the acid. Is this a sign then of some other issue besides gerd? Something to do with the high sugar content perhaps?

Debbie L, Community Member
11/10/10 5:23pm

This is not an answer but I have what is supposedly a "substantial" hiatus hernia. Everything I read tells me bananas should help.  I am the same way, bananas are one of the worst triggers, next to bread products, raw carrots, and dried apricots. I hope that you have been tested by now, the barium x-ray isn't too bad and at least you will know what the actual problem is.  It isn't fun, is all I know.  I find that I choke a lot on almost nothing (like water).  Wishing you all the best and most of all - relief.  I am supposed to take Pantaloc every day.  I am 50 years old, female.

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