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    January 31, 2009
    Pink Saliva
    hope hope
    January 31, 2009



    I was told I had GERD 2 months ago, I have frequent epizodes of pink saliva coming out when I clear my throat in the morning.  Endoscopy revealed only mild stomach lining inflammation.  Was on Omeprazole for 2 months, now was put on Pantoprazole 1X daily.  I have a also constant burning in my right chest and rough feeing in my throat, red tonsil is red with small benign red cyst and 2 small round white spots-throat doctor did not think much of it, my voice gets hoarse when talking too much.  The burning feeling is also almost like a tickle.  Anyone else have same symptoms? My life seems upside down now-anxiety, stress and depression set in.  Desparate for help, communication.  Can this all be temporary or am I doomed?  Anyone else have experience with Pantoprazole?

    Thank you and best of luck to you all.



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