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Thursday, February 19, 2009 Loretta blackwood, Community Member, asks

Q: why does it feels like I always have something stuck n my throat even when I dont eat.I

I just feel like something is always n my chest. at times I feel like I have to burp but cant. why when i do eat it seems like the food never goes down to where I have to vomit to feel better. I cant drink no sodas,nothing with acid.lo

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Jennifer Rackley, Health Guide
4/ 7/09 9:48am

Sounds like it could be GERD to me as well.  I have dealt with GERD and also have the issue of swallowing difficulties at times.  In fact, last night had issues getting a medicine tablet all the way down, UGH!!  One of my daughter's has swallowing issues as well.  Her swallowing issues were caused by esophagitis due to poorly controlled GERD.  The swelling from her esophagitis made it hard for her to swallow.  She even choked on liquids. 


GERD can also cause narrowing or strictures that can make it difficult to swallow.  If you have a history of food allergies be sure to mention that to your doctor as well.  Sometimes eosinophillic esophagitis can also cause swallowing issues. 


I hope your doctor will be able to get you on a treatment plan to help you feel better asap!

sims sims, Community Member
3/14/09 12:40pm

sounds like GERD, ive been suffering these symptoms and have been looking into it and i am going to make a doc appointment, its getting to the point where id rather not eat to avoid it

carol, Community Member
4/15/09 9:17am

Please, find a good gastroenterologist! Yes, it could just be GERD (gastroesophagael reflux disease), most likely it is. But an endoscopy can also detect if there are changes in the lining of the esophagus that could indicate Barrett's syndrome (precursor to cancer) or a hiatal hernia, which can be corrected. No need to suffer! Plus, you want to keep an eye on it as esophageal cancer is on the rise and caught early, it is more survivable.

Tinabwald, Community Member
6/21/11 5:05pm

I have Barretts and recently had the esophgus stretched and dialated, thought that would fix things but now I am worst than before, I have the constant feeling of my throat closing and havent been able to eat in weeks, my medicine is now getting stuck in my throat and causing me to vomit, I am on xanax as well to help with anxiety but doesnt seem to work, I have a very dry mouth and feels like there is a hairball with mucus in my throat, so can anyone shine some light on this?  

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