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Tuesday, September 08, 2009 Betty, Community Member, asks

Q: can acid reflux cause a burning feeling in your nose

Wanting to know if acid reflux can cause a burning in your nose,or make it feel like your nose has a bunch of water in it,or cause you to feel like its hard to breathe

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Jan Gambino, Health Guide
9/ 9/09 6:50am

Betty, There are many reasons for nasal discharge and nasal stuffiness. Best to check things out with the doctor. My daughter sometimes feels the backwashing as high as her nose and throat. Do you feel a sensation of food coming up the esophagus as you get the burning?


Betty, Community Member
9/ 9/09 9:27am

Well io got sick in april,it started out my nose was burning,and then it went to feeling like it was hard to breathe,and then my food would not digest,so they went in and dilated my esophagus and streyched it,that was in june well they had to go back and do it again aug 31st,well that part is better,i can eat now,but i still have a burning in my nose,they said to start sleeping on my back,and keep my pillows up about 3-4 inches,which i have done for along time,So i was just wondering if any body else ever had the burning feeling in their nose,they did a ct scan on my sinuses and it was fine,well thanks for any help i can get.

E, Community Member
4/28/10 8:46pm

I have this as well. Let me know if anyone knows what is going on

wendy, Community Member
1/31/11 12:18am

I also have this and i have scabs actually forming on the inside of my nostrils from the burning of the acid that is coming up my esophagus into my throat and mouth and then through my nose. its terrible and its constant. im taking meds for it but they dont seem to help at all.

Buddy', Community Member
4/16/11 6:46am

I just woke up now, coughing and spitting up burning acid from my nose and throat having a hard time breathing. Now my nose is so stuffed that I cannot breathe in or out of it, due to the acid causing it to swell over. My pronblem is that I never know when this is going to happen. I have been told several prevention remedies including taking acid reflux pills (which by far seem to be the best preventive measures to take) but I haven't had anyone tell me what I can do for instant relief and right now I just had one of the worst attacks I've ever had and I'm basically panicing because I don't know what I can do after this kind of an attack (lie down and go to sleep and try to breath through my mouth and hope it will clear up by morning and hope that another attack does not happen because I might asphyxiate since my sinuses are swollen closed as of this moment and do not seem to ease up or I could just sit up and try to forget about it at five o'clock in the morning). I have been blowing this stuff out of my nose since the attack but still cannot breath through my nose. What can I do to get an immediate relief from the nasal swelling? I have a nebulizer in which I use albuterol and was wondering if that might help loosen up the swelling, Or possibly some sort of a nasal spray... someone let me know. Sorry this seems so desperate but I do get panic attacks from it.

Stephanie, Health Guide
4/16/11 8:48pm

You may want to try a saline rinse. Recently Netti Pots have become very popular to cleanse the sinuses. This may help decrease any acid that is in the nose and throat and is causing irritation.



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