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Sunday, February 14, 2010 neko, Community Member, asks

Q: Popcorn, corn chips, doritos??

It seems like when I eat popcorn, or doritos or any kind of corn chips I wake up with pain in my chest, upper stomach, could that be acid reflux or something else??



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Stephanie, Health Guide
2/14/10 8:25pm

It could be reflux, it could also be a food sensitivity. They are all very salty and all contain corn. Have you noticed this when you eat corn in other forms? How about potato chips? This will help narrow down if it's a sensitivity to corn or if it has more to do with the spice, or greasiness of the fried chips.


Keeping a food log and even possibly challenging it (e.g. eating some corn on the cob or canned corn to see if it happens or eating chips and see if it happens) will really help you narrow down the cause. 


For many of us it takes a long time to figure out what is going to cause a flare. For me, bananas of all things are a trigger but then I found out that many other people have the same issue when eating underripe bananas (the way I like them).


Once you find the cause you are then faced with what to do about it. If eating a couple is okay maybe just limit your intake. Do you need to avoid it all together? Or do you need to take a anti-acid such as a Tums when you indulge?


Regardless, if the symptoms persist or worsen you should see your doctor. You should also discuss adding something such as Tums before doing so since your doctor will know your full medical and medication history.


You can read more about the symptoms of reflux here:


Best of luck - Stephanie

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