• allan1981 allan1981
    July 07, 2009
    Is fresh mango on the GERD diet menu?
    allan1981 allan1981
    July 07, 2009


  • Stephanie
    Health Guide
    July 09, 2009
    Health Guide
    July 09, 2009

    Here's a link to foods to avoid and those to eat. In general fresh fruit is considered a good healthy choice. But, at the same time we are all so different that the best way to know is to keep a food log. For example, bananas make me sick every time especially ones that are more toward the bright yellow/green side vs. over ripe. But, I'd rather not eat a very ripe banana...... I'm good with strawberries if I only eat a few. Pineapple is good with one cut open for my whole family but by the second one my whole mouth and GI system is a mess. I have just needed to learn what I can eat and how much of it before it makes me sick.






  • prashnat March 30, 2010
    March 30, 2010

    i have gerd for last one year.


    i think mango is not good for me. for me i was fine with my diet for 2 months and suddenly it went bad and i realised i am eating mango for the last 2 week.


    see, just analyse ur food one by one and try to avoid any citrous food.

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