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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Ishrath, Community Member, asks

Q: I have a build up of gas and burping relieves the discomfort and pressure in the throat. Is it GERD?

Following each flare-up episode of GERD, which is somewhat cyclical in nature, I have a build up of gas which weighs heavily in my chest and also applies pressure in my throat (near the larynx). Once I emit the gas through burping I feel relieved. Is this also a symptom of GERD? What should I do about this effect to obtain relief? I would be very grateful for a response.

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Stephanie, Health Guide
9/23/09 9:03pm

Gas itself is not necessarily considered a symptom of GERD but many of us with GERD also have issues with it. For me, I consider them two separate issues. Sometimes I have gas build up which I relieve with over the counter Simethicone (e.g. Gas-X). Reflux is an ongoing issue for me for which I take PPIs. Some foods increase the gas as does stress. But, I've also noticed that when I am extremely stressed I tend to be an air gulper which definitely doesn't help. Also, if you are constipated you are much more likely to suffer from gas as it cannot get out. Certain foods are considered gassy foods such as garlic, peppers, etc.


Best of Luck - Stephanie

cb, Community Member
11/18/09 10:28pm

If I was you I would consult a gastro doc to be tested for the issue. This is what I have been going through. Since Aug. 18th I have been having abdominal swelling from gas. I thought ok gassie foods lets back off and see if that helps. I didn't then it progressively got worse they checked for divervaticulitious, nope that wasn't it. Then my doc thought it might be Gerd, again nope wasn't it.


Then I went in for a Endoscopy. (I hope I'm spelling correctly) and they found I had H-Pylory which is caused by bacteria. I also had what appeared to be burns inside my Esophages. Which is caused by acid reflux. Now, it is the middle of Nov. and I am feeling better with the pills they gave me. I take 16 pills a day for 14-days. This has killed the pain completely. I still have the swelling from the gas restricting my ability to take a full breath. But, I feel aloud better.


This being said, your abdomen is nothing to mess with it can kill you in many different ways. Go get checked.

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