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The price of health: How your wallet affects wellness

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There is no shortage of articles, books, blogs and websites dedicated to instructing us on how to live healthier lives. But even the most dedicated... Read moreChevron

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Niki, Community Member


Hiccups/throwing up/heartburn/acidreflux

My husband randomly gets acid reflux/heartburn.  He smokes about one pack a day.  Recently he gets really bad heartburn and asks me to get him bread he eats it and it sorta subsides after a while.  On three different occasions he had heartburn and continued to eat his meal.  While he was eating he got the HICCUPS and they... Read moreChevron

Joyful Belly

Joyful Belly, Community Member


Ayurveda and Acid Reflux

Ayurveda gives us the tools to monitor our health, understand what diseases we are pre-disposed to and how to prevent them, and build a better relationship with food choices and the environment. The practice of Ayurveda began in ancient India over 5,000 years ago and the following article by Joyful Belly looks at an Ayurvedic approach to Acid... Read moreChevron

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Michael Monson

Michael Monson, Community Member


Best physician in NYC/Philly for acid reflux


My father has a terrible acid reflux problem.  I want him to see a top specialist.  Any recommendations for NYC/Philly?


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JJ, Community Member

Nurse, 50, recently lost job due to illness.


Mysery Dx. Bloating, Gi pain. Enlarged Stoamch & Duodenum at 3rd distal portion. Noted strange angulation. Mesenteric artery pressing on duodenum. Wt Loss. Belching. Pressure in chest BB region. Difficult swallowing. Help?

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