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Acid reflux disease, also called GERD, is a condition that affects adults, children and infants alike. Receiving a diagnosis of acid reflux disease can be extremely stressful. It can also be a relief to know exactly what that burning sensation in your chest is, and why it's so painful to lie down to sleep at night. Now that you’ve got that part settled, you can begin to move on with treatment—and your life.

We’ve designed My-AcidReflux around three main areas to make it easier for you to navigate: finding the information you need; managing your condition; and connecting with patients and others concerned with this disease.


The Find section is designed to help you answer questions, get information and learn about acid reflux disease.

You’ll find a complete patient guide to acid reflux disease, help with checking a symptom, resources for finding the best care, information on drugs and more.


In our Manage area you’ll find resources to help you take care of yourself or

someone you love. There is comprehensive information on tests, treatment and prevention.


The Connect section will help you get through this episode of your life by connecting you with others on this journey. You’ll find recommendations from other acid reflux patients and caregivers, helpful personal stories, and the often hard-gained wisdom of people who have coped with acid reflux disease and gone on to lead happy and successful lives.

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