The First 48 Hours

If you or someone you love has just been diagnosed with acid reflux disease or GERD, you probably have a lot of questions. Find the answers here.

Acid Reflux (GERD)

  • acid reflux, gerd, painful swallowing
    Acid Reflux Basics
    Whether it’s you or a loved one dealing with acid reflux, we've broken down the basics to help you understand each aspect of GERD.

Adult GERD

  • Treatment for acid reflux (GERD)
    From medication to surgery, discover the various options for controlling your acid reflux.
  • Acid Reflux Diet
    Certain foods can trigger your acid reflux symptoms. Find out what foods to avoid and how to prevent acid reflux through diet.
  • Diet and Exercise
    Weight loss can have a huge impact on your acid reflux symptoms. Find great fitness and diet advice from our partner site

Infant Acid Reflux