Learn about the similarities and differences in the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of ADD and ADHD.

  • ADD or ADHD: Which is Correct?
    ADD or ADHD? Eileen Bailey explains the sometimes subtle differences between the three main types of Attention Deficit Disorder defined by the American Psychiatric Association.
  • Differentiating ADD and ADHD: Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatment
    Eileen Bailey breaks down the unique characteristics of ADD and ADHD to help you determine which of the two conditions you or your loved one is coping with
  • ADD vs. ADHD: Is One Better (or Worse) than the Other?
    ADD and ADHD are distinct conditions, though they share many of the same symptoms. Their differences do not make one better or worse than the other, but gaining a proper understanding of each condition will arm you with the information you need to create the best treatment regimen possible.

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