Tips for Improving Your Self-Esteem

By Eileen Bailey

Adults with ADD/ADHD may be constantly struggling to keep up. They may switch jobs often, either because they become bored with their duties or because they are fired for lateness or under-performance.  Because of disorganization or forgetfulness, they may overlook paying bills, causing services to be shut off or adding extra late payments to their monthly bills.  Their finances might be in disarray, and they may look at neighbors, friends or relatives wondering why they are able to afford so much more in life. 

With this in mind, it is no wonder that people with ADD/ADHD often suffer from low self-esteem.  Increasing self-esteem is a difficult process and can take a great deal of time, however, it can be done. 

Tips for Increasing Your Self Esteem

1)      Decide that you are willing and ready to change the image you have of yourself.  Small changes can begin as soon as you make the commitment to change.

2)      Keep a notebook with you to keep track of what you do well.  Write down each time someone gives you a compliment, each time you complete a task or anytime you have accomplished something you are proud of. Include items such as when you have shown compassion to someone, helped someone or shown other internal character traits.  Read over your list every day to remind yourself of those things you have done and the good person that you are. 

3)      Complete a character inventory listing the good personality traits you have.  These are internal traits such as patient, loving, compassionate.  Give yourself permission to be proud of the person that you are on the inside.  If you want to add traits that you feel you can improve, include those but choose only one or two at a time to begin improving.  If you are having trouble getting started, ask your friends and relatives to tell you one thing they like about you.  Write down their answers.

4)      List your accomplishments.  Write down all of the accomplishments you can think of, whether large or small.  Go back through your life to list as many as you can think of.  There are probably many more than you thought there was.

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