Question of the Week: Do You Have a Story to Share?

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  • Everyone with ADHD is unique. Although there are common symptoms, how these develop can differ from person to person. Even so, it is nice to know you are not alone.


    Do You Have a Story to Share?


    If you want, send me a message and I will help to tell your story to our members.


    To read other individuals with ADHD's stories, check out the following links:


    Learning to Live With ADHD

    Meet Deborah, an adult living with ADHD and depression. According to Deborah: "I have "suffered" from depression and ADHD since I was a child. (I hate that term "suffered," but what are you going to say - I "enjoyed" depression and ADHD?)."

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    Nikoli's Story


    One mother shares her story of adopting a child from Russia. Her journey took her from believing that ADHD was a result of bad parenting to understanding the many difficulties children with ADHD face each day.


    Newly Diagnosed: One Man's Story

    Noll was 30 years old when he was diagnosed with ADHD. He shares his story of how he has coped with the diagnosis and is looking forward to the changes this will bring to his life.


    Mystery Solved: Stumbling Upon my Own ADHD Diagnosis

    It's a classic story, in a sense. The quiet child who never got into trouble. The teacher's pet. The sensitive one who had a rich inner life, worrying about the squirrels freezing in winter and dogs getting hit by cars in the summer. The little school girl who gazed out the window, lost in her own secret world. Read Terry Matlen's Story


    The Many Faces of ADHD - Brooke's Profile

    Brooke is married to a man with ADHD, inattention is the symptom he struggles with most often. Brooke talks about how her husband's ADHD impacts their marriage.


    The Many Faces of ADHD - Stardust's Profile

    Stardust was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 52 and all of the sudden, many things in her life made sense. Stardust discusses her journey from diagnosis to acceptance.


    The Many faces of ADHD - Dr. Amen

     Dr. Daniel Amen understands ADHD from both a professional and personal standpoint. On a professional level, Dr. Amen is a board certified child psychiatrist. He has been treating children with ADHD for almost 20 years. On a personal level, Dr. Amen is the father of three children with ADHD


    The Many Faces of ADHD - Steven's Profile

    Steven is 25 years old, has ADHD and bipolar disorder. He has held more jobs than he can count and has fought off depression for most of his life. He is now receiving treatment that is keeping his moods stable and is looking forward to more improvement in his life.


    The Many Faces of ADHD - Dr. Nick Schwartz

    From emergency room doctor to ADHD specialist, Dr. Nick Schwartz finds treating adults with ADHD bring the most satisfaction to his life.


    The Many Faces of ADHD - Blake Taylor

    Blake Taylor wrote the book "ADHD & Me: What I Learned From Lighting Fires at the Dinner Table." He shares his story of growing up with ADHD.


    The Many Faces of ADHD - Ariane's Profile

    Ariane is an ADD and organizing expert. She shares her knowledge and her experience to help other's overcome disorganization in her life.


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    ADHD at 85: Betty's Profile

    ADHD doesn't end as you get older. Betty, at age 85, still grapples with the devastating effects living with undiagnosed ADHD has had on her life.


    The Many Faces of ADHD - Dr. Ned Hallowell

    Dr. Ned Hallowell is the founder of The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Healing. He also has ADHD and looks at ADHD as a gift to be unwrapped.


    The Many Faces of ADHD - One Mother's Story

    One mother shares her story of coping with an adult son with ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Bipolar Disorder. She has faced enormous decisions, ones that she made based on what was best for her son and her family, but she still wonders if they were the right decisions.


    The Many Faces of ADHD: Debbie Phelps


    Debbie Phelps is the mother of three children, she is a middle school principal and a spokesperson for Johnson and Johnson. Debbie Phelps is also the mother of Michael Phelps, Olympic Gold Medallist. Michael Phelps has ADHD.


    The Many Faces of ADHD - Linda Roggli


    Linda Roggli was diagnosed with ADHD when she was in her 40s. Linda is a wonderful, warm and funny ADDiva. She began her quest to reach out to other women after dealing with her own diagnosis. When first diagnosed, she bounced between being relieved to know there was a name for the struggles she had experienced and not believing there was not anything "wrong", after all, she had made it this far and had been successful in her life.


    The Many Faces of ADHD - Ty Pennington


    Ty Pennington is host of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. He also owns a boutique in Los Angeles called ADHD (Art Design Home Décor), publishes a quarterly home decorating magazine, has a line of home fashions at Sears and is a spokesperson for Shire Pharmaceuticals. Ty Pennington has ADHD.



Published On: February 09, 2010