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Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • As a parent of a son with ADHD (and bipolar disorder) I know sometimes it is hard to face each day with the strength you need to just make it through. Some days can bring calls from teachers, impulsive behaviors and hours of homework in the evening. It can be exhausting making it to bedtime. It is because of this that I try to share information with parents everyday.


    Although I don't have ADHD, I see the struggles my son goes through as an adult. The lost opportunities, the jobs that don't last, and the daily forgetfulness. I hope that the knowledge shared here at helps you in your daily life.

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    But it is not just me, the other experts here at offer their own unique perspectives on living with, coping with symptoms and thriving both despite and because of the characteristics of ADHD.


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Published On: March 01, 2010